11 Wild Pregnancy Cravings

11 Wild Pregnancy Cravings

Hello! I am pregnant, and I recently requested the Group to share their strange pregnancy cravings so I could check out them. They arrived by way of with some exclusive combos I’m energized about, and actually, some that designed me shudder.

In this article are the kinds that I just can not endeavor. I’m 25 weeks and gag a small when I brush my enamel, so thinking about seeking these combos can make my baby go like this in the womb: 🥴


“Sliced onion and mayo. I would slice the onions like a chip and dip it in the mayo. I wasn’t allowed to try to eat it at my grandma’s since she claimed it was so disgusting to check out me consume it like that, and I would get globs of mayo on these slices of onion. It was so good. It is really not as superior now as it was even though I was expecting, but I now have a flavor for onions, which I under no circumstances did and commonly went out of my way to stay away from onion in my dishes. It is really odd how the globe will work. Babies alter every thing!”


“I experienced an too much to handle craving for canned asparagus, straight out of the can, chilly. This was at the starting of the pandemic when almost nothing was in stock at grocery retailers. A single day, as I was hoarding all the cans of asparagus from the grocery store, it struck me how not usual this was, and I recognized I was expecting.”


“With my initially, I needed meat. All the meat… the weirder the match, the tastier it sounded. I recall severely entertaining the plan of attaining squirrel meat considering the fact that they were being all over the place in my place.”


“I child you not, I wanted PICKLES dipped in NUTELLA. Yep, you study that appropriate. I was so happy just after I experienced it lol!”


“I craved boiled warm pet dogs topped with scrambled eggs all of the time!”


“The first trimester, I truly needed a cheeseburger with chocolate chip cookies for the buns.”


“My mom with my brother: mashed potatoes AND chocolate pudding blended with each other with gravy. She could not get ample of that the next trimester and on.”


“My mom’s go-to pregnancy craving was Wonder Whip on Nilla Wafers *shudder*.”


“Spicy Doritos with a piece of brownie on prime of it.”


“With my third, I craved white rice combined with pickle juice. It settled my abdomen.”


Ultimately, “Not me, but my mom said when she was expecting, she would make immediate mashed potatoes, pour Arby’s Horsey sauce on it, and then mix in chopped up Slender Jims.”

Did you have a unusual being pregnant craving? Do you currently have a single? Did you check out something on this listing? If so, tell us in the reviews below!