16 Vegan Breakfast Ideas From Vegan Women

16 Vegan Breakfast Ideas From Vegan Women

From waffles to oatmeal, these ideas make for the perfect morning — whether you’re a vegan or not!

Last week, I attended the Vegan Women Summit in Los Angeles for a day filled with delicious vegan food and so many inspirational vegan women. Because it’s a common question for people thinking about going vegan, I asked some of the day’s speakers for their go-to breakfast ideas.

Courtesy Vegan Women Summit

From basics we all know and love like oatmeal to the classic vegan tofu scramble, here’s what they suggested:


Açaí Bowls

Jennifer Stojkovic

“My favorite vegan breakfast is a refreshing acai bowl with my absolute go-to fruit, raspberries.” — Jennifer Stojkovic, Author of The Future of Food Is Female and Founder of the Vegan Women Summit

“As a Brazilian-American, I love having açaí bowls in the morning (and also anytime of day!). It is perfect with fruit, granola, and a protein such as almond or peanut butter.” — Lana Weidgenant, Vice-Chair in 2021 UN Food Systems Summit & Campaigns and Policy Manager for ProVeg International


Avocado Toast

Nerudol / Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Avocado toast on a sourdough with a cup of tea.” — Richa Gupta, Founder, Good Food For Good


A Breakfast Sandwich

Danielle Macdonald

“At home I generally use a bagel or sourdough bread, Just Egg, Parmella Creamery cheddar, Impossible sausage or Hooray bacon, avocado, and Chef Tanya’s chipotle mayo.

My favorite breakfast sandwiches are from cafes in Los Angeles, Just What I Kneaded or Little Barn Coffee House.” — Danielle Macdonald, Actor


Mochi Waffles

Victoria Pearson

“Mochi waffles drizzled with lemon-walnut-rice syrup.” — Alicia Silverstone, Actor, Author, and creator of myKind Organics


Tofu Scramble

Melissa Mondala / melissamondalamd.com

“My favorite go-to breakfast is a hearty fiber rich vegetable: spinach, bell pepper tofu scramble with a side of Ezekiel bread with an avocado spread. I’m extremely satisfied and it’s my power meal to start the day!” — Dr. Melissa Mondala, MD MHA


French Toast

Margaret Coons / nutsforcheese.com

“When I have a little extra time I love to make a sweet breakfast with lots of fruit and our Un-Brie-Lievable cheese like this stuffed strawberries and cream french toast — topped with a hearty helping of our Nuts For Butter, of course!” — Margaret Coons, Founder and CEO at Nuts For Cheese


Cinnamon Oatmeal topped with Bananas

Tamearra Dyson

“My go to breakfast is quick and simple! Cinnamon spiced oatmeal with vegan butter and agave syrup topped with sliced bananas.” – Tamearra Dyson, Executive Chef and Owner of Souley Vegan

“A bowl of oatmeal with fruit or a smoothie.” — Angela Yvonne, Creator of Vegan Pop Eats


Vegan Egg Muffins

Darise S. Deal

“An easy, make-ahead breakfast that we love is vegan egg muffins! You can make them using an egg substitute and add plant-based meat, peppers, cheese, spinach, tomatoes – basically whatever ingredients you prefer! The best part is, they only take about 20-30 minutes to bake in a nonstick muffin pan. Make them at night, refrigerate and just pop them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds in the morning.” — Danita Claytor, President & Co-Founder, Everything Legendary Inc.


Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

Dotsie Bausch / switch4good.org

“Sweet potato breakfast bowl with cinnamon, hemp seeds and berries. Yes please!” — Dotsie Bausch, Vegan Olympian and Founder of Switch4Good.org


Sourdough Toast

Mattlever / Miyoko’s Creamery

“Usually my go-to is a soy cappuccino however on weekends, avo-toast or sourdough toast with Miyoko’s butter!” — Miyoko Schinner, Fearless Founder & CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery


Chicken and Waffles

ATLAS MONROE (Deborah Torres)

“ATLAS MONROE extra crispy vegan fried chicken and waffles.” — Deborah Torres, CEO & Founder of ATLAS MONROE


Cold Brew Coffee and a Bagel

Rachel Ooi

Cold brew with Trader Joe’s coconut and almond creamer, and a bagel with Kite Hill cream cheese.” — Rachel Ooi, Sales Director at abillion


Avocado Toast and Scrambled Tofu

Ravsky / Getty Images/iStockphoto

“My favourite vegan breakfast is avo on toast with scrambled tofu, but most days I love oatmeal with flax seeds and berries.” — Dr. Gemma Newman, Author of The Plant Power Doctor


Waffles with Blueberry Syrup

Lauripatterson / Getty Images

“My favorite go to vegan breakfast is vegan waffles with blueberry sauce.” — Karuna Rawal, Chief Marketing Officer, Nature’s Fynd


An Avocado and Just Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Marissa Bronfman

“My favorite go-to vegan breakfast when I want to indulge is an everything bagel with Nuts For Cheese garlic cheese, smashed avo, a Just Egg omelette with pink salt and black pepper, and a couple slices of fresh organic tomato and red onion. Yum!” — Marissa Bronfman, Chief Brand Officer, Kizmet Impact Capital


A classic breakfast featuring pancakes, sausage, scrambled ‘eggs,’ and grits.

What’s your go-to vegan breakfast? Let us know in the comments.