19 Dinner Guests From Hell

19 Meal Friends From Hell


“We had a meal party for mates once. It was BYOB. One particular few introduced a side dish and no B. The dish was oily and mushy. I you should not like it, but she is aware my husband does. High-quality. They were early, but as a substitute of helping, she performed a online video recreation since they failed to have good net and we did. She failed to even discuss to me! She proceeded to support herself to wine from my wine rack, unwrap and drink the gift bottle other guests experienced brought, loudly complain that I was a poor host for not obtaining ample wine for her, and hit on the teenage son of our close friends (whom she had never satisfied) whilst her spouse was there! She experimented with to pressure-feed me her dish at the desk, told my spouse to recook her steak after he cooked it to what she stated was her wished-for doneness (she’s a hunter and I’ve witnessed her take in raw meat), and did not supply to clear up ‘because [she] failed to have a very good meal.'”

“It wholly ruined the excellent friendship my partner experienced with her, but I’m happy I under no circumstances have to be all-around her once again.”