23 Huge Portions That Could Be Served In America

23 Huge Portions That Could Be Served In America

We’ve started to jumbo size our jumbo sizes, people.

It’s summer in America, which means you’re probably jonesing for a slice of watermelon from a bad boy like this:

What’s that, confused non-American? You think a slice of that watermelon would be too big?

Well, hahaha, you mustn’t be familiar with how we do things in the good ol’ US of A. Big portions are kind of our thing. In fact, it’s kind of a problem. (Actually, it’s definitely a problem.)

For example, in America we sometimes serve pancakes as a little side dish to go with our regular breakfast. Here’s one!

You can also order biscuits and gravy to go!

Americans like a nice cut of steak, too!

Sometimes we Americans like to go out and grab a slice.

If you were an American kid in the ’80s, you probably grew up with the belief that baked potatoes were health food. Well, folks, here’s some “health food” today:

People from other countries…I know this won’t make sense to you…but in America you can literally walk into a restaurant, order a burrito, and they will give you THIS.


Order a Buffalo chicken sandwich and you just might be served this…with a tiny side of ranch dressing.

In the USA it’s pretty easy to find a double, triple, or even quadruple burger on the menu (In-N-Out’s 4×4 really hits the spot, let me tell you), but some places REALLY go all out.


You know what really goes with a 14-patty cheeseburger in America? Fries! Some places give you the whole damn fryer basket.

If you don’t want a hamburger you might prefer a bacon-cheese dog.

Or a jalapeño and onions cheese dog!

Of course, sometimes we prefer a lighter lunch, like a B.L.T. sandwich.

Another lighter fare option…a little fish.

If you go to someone’s house for a little spaghetti, this — burp — might come out to the table.

Oh, and they might serve you a side of mozzarella too.

Speaking of Italian food, an unreasonably large stromboli can be had here in the States for a pretty reasonable price (or at least it could not long ago…these days it’s probably twice as much).

We also love to eat ribs here in America; they’re great! Nothing better than a slab as big as your face and a side of flowing fries!

Also enjoyable? Pork tonkatsu twice the size of your face! It’s kind of nice how we can overindulge in EVERY cuisine, don’t you think?

We talked a lot about beef burgers earlier, but we forgot to mention chicken burgers! They make quite the satisfying lunch, too!

One more sandwich — the cheesesteak! Warning: please don’t try to eat this if you’re not from America, only American arteries are able to handle this bad boy!

Of course, after polishing off your main course, you’ll need dessert! How about a couple scoops of ice cream?

Or an ice cream sundae?

You’re probably thinking…

CBC / Via giphy.com

Thankfully, while Americans can overdo it, most Americans don’t eat these mammoth meals all the time. Still, most of us probably can stand to scale back on the fried foods, cheeses, and jumbo portions! Take care of your hearts, people!