24 Cooking Mistakes So Bad They Required A Eulogy

24 Cooking Problems So Terrible They Expected A Eulogy


“Rest in parts, the enormous and delicious buttery chocolate cake with meringue ghosts, truffle coffins, and candied white chocolate headstones that I manufactured for my office Halloween get together again in 2010. Two times of operate that would under no circumstances shine ghoulish delight for my colleagues…”

“In my haste to make it to the train station for the before prepare, I tripped above my high heels going across my front doorstep, fell backward, and the cake carrier went flying down to the floor. Poor cake was completely smashed to bits, and I had a bruised ego and bottom. I left the container of sorrow in the kitchen, and dejectedly designed my way to perform.

When I acquired dwelling that night time, I observed that my spouse and my in-laws experienced served by themselves to ruined cake in small bowls. It was hideous, but at minimum it was eaten.”