25 Times Famous Chefs Gave Terrible Cooking Advice

25 Moments Famed Cooks Gave Horrible Cooking Information


“I disagree with Alton Brown’s ‘no unitaskers‘ rule. There are absolutely some preposterous kinds out there, but there are also very practical unitaskers that definitely deserve a area in my kitchen area.”


“There was an episode of Alton Brown’s “Great Eats” where he dissed pastry luggage as ‘unitaskers’ (according to Alton, a unitasker is a piece of kitchen area equipment that has only one task and consequently just isn’t worthy of the area in your kitchen area). For people who you should not know, pastry luggage are what qualified bakers use to utilize frosting to a cake, speedily fill cake layers and tarts, deposit product puff/eclair/macaron batter onto a tray, and so on. They are particularly helpful in the kitchen, reasonably priced, and never get significantly room! 

Alternatively of a pastry bag, he implies you use a zip-prime bag with a hole cut out one of the corners. The challenge is, zip-leading bags are messy and hard to use like this, not to point out they are susceptible to rip and burst like ridiculous (pastry baggage are made to withstand plenty of force). You also won’t be able to use cake decorating suggestions in a zip-prime bag. If you might be going to do some severe baking, get some pastry baggage!”