29 Meals That Are Annoying To Make But Delicious To Eat

29 Meals That Are Aggravating To Make But Tasty To Eat


“Pancakes. Call me ridiculous, but I assume the actual procedure of cooking each and each one particular on a griddle is 1 of the most stressful matters you could do in the early morning — in particular if you are cooking for a group…”

“Is it technically challenging? Not at all! But the only way to get a batch of pancakes on the desk in a small-ish amount of money of time is to make a bunch at once…and you may be continuously flipping pancakes, pouring batter, and swearing below your breath at the burnt ones right until they’re all performed. No home made pancakes evaluate to cafe types, possibly, so let us just say that we’re a waffles-only household now.”

—Ross Yoder