30 Cooking Brain Farts That Led To Catastrophic Results

30 Cooking Mind Farts That Led To Catastrophic Benefits


“in my early days of cooking, I discovered what a ‘clove’ of garlic is the really hard way. I needed to make rigatoni alla vodka for my girlfriend. The recipe termed for 4 cloves of garlic, but because I was 19, I failed to know WTF a ‘clove’ was. I figured it was the device that unfastened garlic is sold in, so I chopped up four heads of garlic — possibly all around 65 cloves — and begun the sauce…

“As quickly as I commenced sautéing it, the condominium began to fill with a tear-inducing gasoline that pretty much scorched the within of our nostrils. We each experienced to go outside the house to get some air, and it took 6 months for the scent in my girlfriend’s apartment to go absent.”