37 American Foods That Non-Americans Love And Hate

37 American Meals That Non-Individuals Adore And Detest


Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese

“Lobster is not odd in itself, but looking at ‘lobster mac ‘n’ cheese’ was odd. Exactly where I’m from, lobster is costly, special, and deemed fine dining, and mac ‘n’ cheese does not exist as a dish you can get wherever. I like pasta, I adore cheese, so pasta with cheese is widespread in my personal kitchen area, but that is significantly away from that ‘fine dining’ lobster.

My initially time in the States was a journey to NYC. I was expecting at the time, and which is likely why I authorized myself to purchase lobster mac ‘n’ cheese for lunch at a restaurant, in opposition to my husband’s comments on how it was a shame for the lobster to be served like that… It was bloody delicious. I nevertheless desire about it.”