37 New Trader Joe's Products

37 New Trader Joe’s Products

From truffle-infused barbecue sauce to Thai banana fritters — and so much more new stuff.

There’s a lot of variability in life, but there’s one thing you can always rely on: Trader Joe’s pulls out all the stops once summertime rolls around, unleashing a ton of exciting and delicious new products. So here’s what to keep your eyes peeled for at Trader Joe’s as the spring products make way for summer favorites.


Beef Birria

Hannah Loewentheil

Pick up a bag of tortillas and take taco night to the next level with the help of this slow cooked beef in a tangy and sweet tomato chile sauce.


Truffle Aioli

Hannah Loewentheil

Come on now, your French fries aren’t gonna dip themselves.


Organic Chicken Nuggets


Dill Pickle Mini Falafel

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Of all the things pickle flavored in this world, falafel was never on my horizon. But then again, maybe it’s exactly what we all needed.


Strawberry Lemonade Joe-Joe’s



Hannah Loewentheil

While Trader Joe’s has sold frozen tamales in the past, I’m eyeing this rebrand. 👀👀


When Life Gives You Lemons Make Ice Cream

Hannah Loewentheil

This duo of zesty lemon ice cream and buttery shortbread cookies is guaranteed to hit the spot on a warm summer day.


Tres Leches Cake

Trader Joe’s

When there’s evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream involved in a single dessert, what could possibly be bad?


Jalapeño Mango Chicken Sausage

Hannah Loewentheil

Fire up the grill for this sweet and spicy chicken sausage.


Creamy Cauliflower Mash

Hannah Loewentheil

Sick of potatoes? Add this lightened-up summer side dish to your next cook out or picnic menu.


Papadums Lentil and Chickpea Crisps


Strawberry Basil Vinaigrette

Hannah Loewentheil

Bring on the summer arugula salad.


Truffle Flavored BBQ Sauce

Hannah Loewentheil

Turn any average summer barbecue into a ~fancy~ affair with the help of this truffle-infused barbecue sauce.


Lightly Smoked Salmon In Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hannah Loewentheil

Take it from a huge tinned fish fan, this smoked salmon is an outrageously good bargain. It tastes so high quality and it’s under $4. Try using it to make that viral salmon rice. You won’t regret it. 


These Sprinkles Walk Into a Sandwich Cookie


Spicy Lentil Wrap

Hannah Loewentheil

This vegan wrap is an easy and nutritious grab-and-go lunch when you’re in a hurry or don’t feel like meal-prepping.


Gluten-Free Cheese Ravioli

Trader Joe’s

If you wander through the aisles at Trader Joe’s, you’ll quickly realize it’s officially ravioli season. Shelves are stocked with all sorts of ravioli, including this new gluten-free number. 


Cold Brew Coffee Bags

Hannah Loewentheil

Just in time for iced coffee season.


Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn

Hannah Loewentheil

Well, this seems seriously crave-worthy. 


Chickpea, Kale, and Crispy Red Rice Salad


Vegan Spinach and Cashew Ravioli

Hannah Loewentheil

Yet another exciting addition to the ravioli selection, this vegan-friendly version is stuffed with rich and creamy cashew cheese.


Thai Banana Fritters

Hannah Loewentheil

These are incredibly delicious, and they’re even better with a scoop of ice cream on top. Oh, and if you have an air fryer, give it a try.


Non-Dairy Oat Brown Sugar Creamer

Trader Joe’s

If you like oat milk you’re going to love this non-dairy creamer in your morning cup of Joe.


Caramel Washed Gouda Cheese


Sparkling White Tea With Pomegranate Juice

Hannah Loewentheil

Introducing the most refreshing drink of the summer. If you want to get a little adventurous, mix a bit of this stuff with tequila or mezcal for a pomegranate margarita.


4 Cheese Pastry Rolls

Hannah Loewentheil

Judging by the quality of Trader Joe’s frozen croissants, we’re all in for a treat with this savory medley. 


Sparkling Pineapple Juice

Hannah Loewentheil

Is it happy hour? Because this sparkling pineapple juice is just begging to be mixed with your favorite booze.


In A Pickle Seasoning Blend

Hannah Loewentheil

Pickle lovers, rejoice. This pickle seasoning blend is bursting with the tangy flavors of dill, garlic, onion, and vinegar.


Organic Poppy Seed Dressing

Hannah Loewentheil

Trader Joe’s has some of the tastiest, highest quality store-bought dressings around, and this one is no exception.


Artichoke Timbales

Hannah Loewentheil

These frozen artichoke hearts are baked and stuffed with mozzarella and grana padano cheeses, and they might just be your new favorite summer side.


BBQ & Black Pepper Toscano Chopped Salad

Hannah Loewentheil

Every cook out needs some veggies, and this salad kit makes it easy to accompany your burgers and hot dogs with a little something green.


Springle Jangle

u/Paigenacage / Via reddit.com

Thank goodness you no longer have to wait until Christmas time for this chocolate candy medley. 


Unexpected Cheddar Chicken Sausage

Hannah Loewentheil

Grill this cheesy chicken sausage and serve it in brioche buns or slice it and add it to your favorite pasta salad. 


Bamba Puffed Peanut & Corn Snacks Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Hannah Loewentheil

As if TJ’s peanut butter bamba snacks weren’t already delicious enough, wait until you try this version, coated in decadent dark chocolate.


Fancy Cheese Crunchies

Hannah Loewentheil

It’s very simple math: cheese + truffle = heaven.


Dill Pickle Mustard

Hannah Loewentheil

OK, it might not be new, but this pickle flavored mustard is back on shelves just in time for your summer grilling needs.

Have you tried one of these new products or spotted something I didn’t mention? Tell me in the comments below!