A Tech Consultant Designed An AI App To Help A Dyslexic Contractor Write Emails

A Tech Marketing consultant Created An AI Application To Assist A Dyslexic Contractor Publish E-mail

Danny Richman, a 60-12 months-previous research engine optimization advisor, initially met contractor Ben Whittle, 31, in December 2021. Whittle experienced come to repair a rest room leak that was dripping into the living room of his house, on the outskirts of London. The pair then struck up a friendship, and Richman commenced to recommend Whittle, who qualified as a plumber, on increasing his business.

With Richman’s encouragement, Whittle this year started a swimming pool installation firm termed Ashridge Swimming pools. There was just one challenge, however: Whittle has dyslexia, and he struggled to write e-mails to consumers. “To commence with, I was reading and writing my bits, and then Danny was enhancing for me,” Whittle told Cayuga Media. “And then he realized, There is likely a a lot faster way to do this.”

There was. Richman developed Whittle an application that converts what the contractor varieties into a formal email. Richman reported it took him all of 15 minutes to make the app, which can be utilised on telephone or desktop and is primarily based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 synthetic intelligence device. (OpenAI not too long ago produced ChatGPT, an AI bot that everyone can use. It instantly went viral many thanks to its potential to write convincing essays.)