AITA This Man Left Without Paying For His Food

AITA This Man Remaining Without the need of Paying out For His Food

A different person with the username u/Still left-Motor vehicle6520 concurred, agreeing that the person was not the asshole in this condition.

“Mmmm yeah no anyone really messed up there,” they mentioned.

“I would say, as an ex-waitress, that it would’ve been improved that you tell the staff members you happen to be leaving mainly because you can not hold out any longer, but you’e not the asshole for leaving without the need of paying out for the meals you never ever got. There are at minimum three factors wherever somebody must have understood that they’d screwed up, and they did not. This is wholly on the cafe. And contemplating that it appears to be like your foods by no means even commenced to be ready, you did not charge them anything at all by leaving either.”