Aussies Are Sharing What They Think Of Samoan Food, And I Want To Try Everything On This List

Aussies Are Sharing What They Consider Of Samoan Foods, And I Want To Attempt All the things On This Listing

It is really Pacific Islander week at Australia — which indicates we are celebrating Islander-Aussie lifestyle. Now, we attempted some scrumptious Samoan foods — and let’s just say, they are likely to be your new favorite issues to try to eat.

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Right here are some of our favourites!


Palusami and kalo (taro leaves with coconut cream and taro)


Fa’ausi (coconut and pumpkin bread in caramel sauce)


Supaketi pisupo (spaghetti and cornbeef with rice)


Sapasui and falifu fa’i (Samoan chop suey and cream banana)


And finally, Koko alaisa (Samoan cocoa rice)

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