Best Aussie Pub Food

Best Aussie Pub Food

Pub Caesar salads just hit different.


Salt and pepper calamari

Steve Waters / Getty Images

Whether it comes in rings or in strips with knobbly bits, you can’t beat salt and pepper calamari — especially if it comes with some kind of aioli situation. 


Thai beef salad

Sharon Chen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: delishplan

Does every pub around Australia have to sign a pact that they’ll have Thai beef salad on the menu? It certainly feels like it and damn, we’re thankful. 


Wedges with sweet chili and sour cream



avlxyz / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: avlxyz

The humble parma. While we can’t quite claim to have invented it – hi, Italy – we’ve certainly perfected it. Even a shit pub parma is a delicious pub parma. Plus, there’s always one night per week when it’s on special. 


Loaded schnitty

Every pub has their own spin on a loaded parma, but they always, always hit the spot. Just look at this glorious Mexican parma, with saucy pulled pork, guac, sour cream and corn chips. Tell me why this meal isn’t Michelin starred. 



Ruth Hartnup / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ruthanddave

Pub nachos are always massive and they’re always spot on — usually because the chefs empty an entire bag of shredded Bega on there and add on a healthy dollop of sour cream to boot. 


Chicken Caesar salad

Jamie Davies / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jmdavies

Something about a pub Caesar just hits different — especially if you get it with a side of hot chips. And if the egg in your salad is poached, then it’s an instant 10/10.


Steak, salad and chips

Katherine Lim / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ultrakml

You’re never going to get the fanciest cut of meat, but there’s something about the rump steak specials at your local pub that always hit the spot. Add on some pepper sauce or rich gravy and now we’re talking. 


Fish of the day

Adam Calaitzis / Getty Images/iStockphoto

This is always, always barramundi — unless it’s salmon. This is what you get when you’re feeling healthy or you’re on a third date and still trying to impress them with your food orders. 


Steak sandwich

Patrick Quinn-Graham / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pftqg

If you’re at the pub for lunch, you can’t go past the steak sandwich special — and you know there’s always gonna be one. 


BBQ chicken or a meatlovers pizza

Shoshanah / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: shoshanah

Most pubs will offer up a BBQ chook pizza or a spicy meatlovers, but if you’re lucky you’ll get both. They’re always loaded and saucy, and perfect for after you’ve had a few schooners. 


Beer-battered fish and chips

When you want fish but don’t want to fork out $28 for the barramundi, fish and chips is the holy grail. They’re always beer-battered to perfection — and are often even better than the fish shop down the road. 


Garlic bread

Pulperm Phungprachit / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: darkmasterxxx

Garlic bread is always on the pub menu and it’s always good — even if it’s just some herby toasted focaccia from the bakery next door, priced at $8 for four measly pieces. It’s still a top tier order. 



Jason Tong / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sidneiensis

Every pub burger is different, but every pub burger is glorious. Usually, they’re so stacked that all the toppings slide off as soon as you take a bite, but that really doesn’t matter. 


Surf ‘n’ turf

Prawns? Yes. Steak? Yes. Creamy sauce and a side salad? Yes. How good’s a bloody surf ‘n’ turf?!


Kids chicken nuggies and chips

Bhofack2 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

If a pub lets adults order off the kids menu, then it’s earned itself a spot in the hall of fame. Sometimes it’s 4pm and you’re a little peckish, and that’s exactly when three nuggies and a handful of chips for $6 will really hit the spot — especially if it comes with a free red lemonade. 


And lastly, mixed grill

When you can’t decide what to order — or are too drunk and hungry to care — the mixed grill is always there. That combo of steak, egg, sausages, veggies and chips is God’s food.