Boozy Drinks That Capture Australian Drinking Culture

Boozy Drinks That Capture Australian Drinking Culture

Okay, but that magnum-sized Vodka Cruiser is a game changer.


This astounding magnum-sized bottle of everyone’s favourite tipple, Vodka Cruiser.

Vodka Cruiser

To be exact, that’s 3.1 litres of pure Vodka Cruiser fuel, which equates to almost 11 bottles of the regular stuff. Also, Lush Guava > all other flavours.


This not-so-little bottle of Little Fat Lamb that packs eight standard drinks into 1.25 litres and guarantees you a very cheap night.


These Sling Shots — particularly the Blazing Cowboy — that combine two flavours into each nauseating mouthful.


This chonky bottle of NT Draught, that’s been around since the ’50s and will probably outlive us all.


This can of Red Bear that comes in a dizzying array of cavity-forming flavours.


This four-pack of Lemon Ruskies, perfect for when you’re ready to take a more mature step up from your Cruisers.


These Jägerbombs, which pretty much signal the end of the night for you and your crew.


This Mudshake that, as a teen, you thought would be a good “gateway drink” and immediately regretting buying four of them.

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It looks exactly like what you’ll throw up the morning after drinking it. 


This mixing of goon and tropical juice together, that is so iconic that it is literally sold taped together.

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This drink is truly Australian culture in a cup.


And this preferred method of serving said goon — taped to a hills hoist clothesline.

Don’t ask questions, just open your mouth and glug, glug, glug. 


This ingenious and undeniably patriotic method of drinking goon with a Zooper Dooper as a straw.


This boozy upgrade to everyone’s favourite childhood summertime soda.


This — admittedly sacrilegious — version of “Australian champagne” that is best consumed straight from the bottle.


This ~sly~ and not at all obvious method of pouring booze into an old Coke bottle so you can drink en route to your destination.

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Because everyone drinks straight orange juice out of old Coke bottles, right? Nothing suss.


This UDL, that would always be sipped throw a straw in your mate’s backyard, while their parents were out of town.

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The sugar messed you up more than the booze did, honestly.


This mixing of Malibu or Midori with lemonade into a sickly sweet, radioactive brew.

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Damn, this stuff is potent.


This giant cocktail punch, which must be served in a bucket, using 75c lemonade from Coles and whatever hard liquor you can pilfer from your parents’ cabinet.


These Smirnoff Double Blacks that age like a fine wine.

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Whether you go for the bottles or the cans, you are guaranteed a good night on the DBs.


And finally, this bottle of the cheapest vodka you can find at Dan Murphy’s, that’s destined to be mixed with a green bottle of Cottee’s cordial.

What do you think, Aussies? Did we get them all? Or for our international friends, how do these drinks compare to your iconic booze? Let us know in the comments below!