Discontinued Aussie Fast Food Menu Items

Discontinued Aussie Fast Food Menu Items

Getting rid of Krushers is the worst decision KFC has ever made.


Krushers (especially the Golden Gaytime flavour)

KFC Australia

What it was: Crushed ice thickshakes that came in four flavours — mocha, Golden Gaytime, Kookies ‘n’ Kream and Chocolate Cornetto.


Popcorn chicken Slab

Julia Willing /

What it was: Soft dinner rolls filled with popcorn chicken and a smokey BBQ and cheese sauce.


Hot and spicy


What it was: Chicken coated in a crunchy, spicy crumb that was infinitely better than the regular KFC menu lineup.


‘The Works’ Zinger burger


What it was: KFC described it as a ~taste of summer~, with the burger featuring mayo, a Zinger fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce and a slice of pineapple.


Dipping feast


What it was: 16 chicken tenders, chips and five dipping sauces, including supercharged, BBQ, aioli, sweet and sour and gravy. 


BBQ bacon roller


What it was: Popcorn chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce served in a wrap. There was also a nachos cheese flavour.


Toasted Twisters


What it was: Your regular KFC twister, but toasted to perfection — so that the cheese inside was melted and the wrap was extra crunchy. You could request this back in the day, but it’s no longer an option.

AKA McDonald’s, for any of our international friends reading this.



Flickr: ruocaled

What it was: A pork patty shaped like a mini rack of ribs, BBQ sauce, onions and pickles, served on a sandwich roll. 


Chicken ‘n’ mayo burger

McDonald’s Australia

What it was: A chicken patty, lettuce and mayo served in a soft bun — the sort you would get if you ordered a Filet-O-Fish. Plus, it was only two dollarydoos.


Spicy McNuggets

McDonald’s Australia

What it was: McNuggets, but ~spicy~ and they were also served with a chilli dipping sauce.


Loaded fries

McDonald’s Australia

What it was: Basically, McDonald’s chips — but made even better with additional toppings, like gravy or truffle-flavoured mayo and parmesan cheese.


Sweet chilli chicken wrap

McDonald’s Australia

What it was: Crispy chicken breast with a sweet chilli sauce, mayo, lettuce, cucumber, served in a tortilla wrap.


Tendercrisp burger

Hungry Jack’s

What it was: Breaded, deep-fried chicken fillet, mayo, lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun. If you liked things spicy, you could opt for the peri-peri version. Instead, HJ’s has replaced the Tendercrisp with an inferior fried chicken burger range.


Cheesy cheeseburger

Hungry Jack’s

What it was: Flame-grilled beef, creamy cheese sauce, a cheese slice, mayo and pickles. Oh and it was only $2.


The Aussie

Hungry Jack’s

What it was:  Bacon, egg, beetroot, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, mayo and BBQ sauce.


OG grilled chicken burger

Flickr: ricepot

What it was: Flame-grilled chicken breast fillet, lettuce, tomato and a ranch dressing. They currently have this burger at Hungry Jack’s, but the original was served on a brioche bun and included a thicker piece of chicken


And lastly, puff pastry crust on Domino’s pizza

Twitter: @dominos_au

What it was: Instead of the usual Domino’s pizza crust, you could switch it up to a puff pastry style, which was extra flakey, crunchy and delicious.

What other discontinued fast food items need to make a comeback? Let us know in the comments.