DOJ-Accused Crypto Couple's OpenSea NFT Accounts Have Disappeared

DOJ-Accused Crypto Couple’s OpenSea NFT Accounts Have Disappeared

A spokesperson for OpenSea did not respond to three e-mails from Cayuga Media requesting remark on the accounts and Wednesday’s takedowns. Morgan and Lichtenstein did not answer to a request for remark by means of Twitter DM.

When making an attempt to watch NFTs minted by Morgan, a popup states: “The product you attempted to pay a visit to is no longer accessible on OpenSea. It will not be obvious or accessible to any person browsing the market.” The concept cites the platform’s aid center, which points out that an NFT is delisted when the company determines it to “infringe on safeguarded intellectual house, encourage suicide or self-hurt, incite hate or violence in opposition to some others, degrade or dox an additional person, [or] or else violate our conditions of service.”

OpenSea’s terms of services also state that men and women may not “use the Assistance to invest in, market, or transfer stolen objects, fraudulently acquired goods, items taken without the need of authorization, and/or any other illegally received items.”

Even though Lichtenstein was not in particular active on OpenSea, Morgan minted and bought NFTs of her personal album handles. (Twitter end users recognized that prices for her NFTs, originally detailed for a number of hundred pounds, were hitting six figures yesterday.) Some facts could also be gleaned from their transaction logs prior to their removing. It’s distinct that Morgan, as a result of her Ether wallet, was moving income into Gemini, USDT, and Wrapped Ether. A single NFT that Morgan purchased was even transferred to her account mere hours soon after her arrest.