Domino's Pizza Half Off Sale This Week

Domino’s Pizza Half Off Sale This Week

A single detail about me is I love Domino’s pizza. Certain, some of it is I grew up in Michigan and the chain is headquartered there so I feel a sense of loyalty… but also, they have designed big advancements to their food items in the earlier various a long time.

So normally, when I located out that Domino’s pizza is Fifty percent OFF this 7 days, I felt the have to have to spread the term far and vast.

This deal is an quick 1: All you have to do is buy your pizza on line, and any pizza you get will be 50% off. So if you happen to be a person who likes to go to the store and get at the counter, or purchase by cellphone… really don’t do that this week! Buy on the internet or in the app in its place!

For reference, I included an additional-massive Brooklyn-model, one particular-topping pizza to my cart, and with the coupon used, it came out to only $9.50. A lot less than $10 for an extra-substantial one particular-topping pizza is fairly excellent! That value is actually about $1.50 considerably less than other coupon codes for one-topping huge pizzas.

Here is the trick, although: This offer ONLY applies to pizza at menu cost. So you cannot blend it with other coupon codes, and it is not going to apply to other menu merchandise like sandwiches, salads, pastas, breadsticks, soda, etcetera. So relying on what you happen to be purchasing, it might actually conclude up getting a better deal to use one of their other discount codes. Oh, and the deal is only good by way of Nov. 20!

So there you go. Buy on-line, get 50% off Domino’s pizzas. If you will excuse me, I have a day with a pepperoni pan pizza with excess cheese.