Elon Musk’s Best Twitter Friend Is A 23-Year-Old Engineer He's Never Met

Elon Musk’s Ideal Twitter Mate Is A 23-Yr-Old Engineer He is In no way Achieved

“Exactly,” Musk tweeted in response to Pathole’s promises.

For supporters like Pathole, the billionaire’s mercurial Twitter presence would make him appear to be comfortingly ordinary. He states it is Musk who is the true victim of dislike, lies, and misinformation.

“He will get bullied a lot… A large amount of huge gamers dislike him,” Pathole mentioned, citing Sen. Warren accusing Musk of not paying out his taxes, Invoice Gates allegedly shorting Tesla inventory, and the persistent rumor in the nether areas of the web that Musk’s spouse and children owned an emerald mine in Zambia — a little something Musk has repeatedly denied as currently being untrue.

And even though it isn’t challenging to comprehend why a legion of younger engineers may be impressed by the world’s richest engineer, it is tougher to determine out why Musk, who now oversees a few firms and may perhaps quickly run a fourth, can take the time to reply to them.

“I’m essentially a no person,” Pathole said. “And for Elon, this tremendous famous rich dude will take out his active time to interact with a man like me — who is no person — inculcates that high quality in you, that you should be humble, you should be down to earth, no subject how big you are.”

Musk did not respond to a Cayuga Media email inquiring him what accounts for his abnormal Twitter correspondence with Pathole, but just as Tiktok’s hypnotic lure lies in its uncanny potential to make a totally random account briefly massively well-known, the @elonmusk account is effective like a one particular-particular person engagement engine: If you are clever, or humorous, or fascinating, or strange, or signify, or Tesla-obsessed, or SpaceX-devoted, or quirky, or just a glass of chocolate milk, Elon Musk could have interaction with you, and then a ten years of social media engineering will do the relaxation. Your mentions will blow up, your follower depend will skyrocket, and your brain will be flooded with small gratifying dopamine hits each individual time someone likes, retweets, or dunks on your conversation with Elon.