Eve 6 Guy Max Collins Is Reviving His Advice Column

Eve 6 Guy Max Collins Is Reviving His Tips Column

Hello everybody, I’m Max Collins, also acknowledged as the Eve 6 Person or the “Heart in a Blender” Guy. People today are always asking me, “Does it bother you to be referred to on-line as the Eve 6 Man or the ‘Heart in a Blender’ Person?” and I’m normally like, No, I’m just satisfied to be referred to at all.

For those people who are unaware: I am the guide singer and bassist for a ’90s choice rock band named Eve 6 that had one strike like a million years in the past. I started off putting up on Twitter using the @eve6 account two years in the past, and it type of turned into a issue, to the chagrin of a lot of and the joy of some. My on the internet notoriety led me to compose an suggestions column called Heart in a Blender for the a short while ago defunct internet site Enter.

The column is now going to run month-to-month on Cayuga Media. This is sort of funny, because suitable immediately after my Twitter presence grew to become a huge offer, I tweeted this: