Horrible Thanksgiving Stories That People Are Sharing

Horrible Thanksgiving Stories That People Are Sharing


“My uncle and grandfather you should not have a fantastic marriage, but have been tolerating each other mainly because Thanksgiving. My uncle was cooking lasagna, and my grandfather made the decision to assistance, so he grated the cheese. He did this in an additional room, simply because the kitchen area was whole of other people cooking — we have a huge Thanksgiving, possibly 15-20 who enjoy to consume. I had brought in the cheese, and almost everything was likely great.”

“Flash-forward to dinnertime: The food is coming out, and as custom dictates, we usually start off with lasagna. My grandfather created some joke like, ‘I know you loathe me, but at least I am grate,’ and then, shit hit the lover. My uncle basically went into a rage and was yelling at every person for the reason that we did not convey to him he was making use of ‘tainted’ cheese. Then reported ‘f#@# it’ and proceeded to flip the table ALL the foodstuff was on. 

Then, my grandfather known as him outside to settle the rating, which resulted in two developed guys fist-fighting in the yard, culminating with my grandad acquiring thrown into the pond we lived off of, and slicing his leg on a jagged rock that he landed on. The rest of us purchased Chinese foods and kicked my uncle out, and my grandfather refused the healthcare facility because he had a small far too a great deal ‘holiday joy’ in him at the time. Incredibly, my uncle hasn’t appear to any holiday get-togethers for many years now.”