Hungry Jack's Discontinued The Tendercrisp Burger And I'm In Shambles

Hungry Jack’s Discontinued The Tendercrisp Burger And I’m In Shambles

Feel like pure shit, just want her (the Tendercrisp) back.

Being a Hungry Jack’s stan, I truly believed that the burgers were better there. They were flavourful, the peri-peri sauce delighted my tastebuds and, of course, it couldn’t hurt that you had the option of getting raspberry Fanta as your drink of choice.

But today, my loyalty to this fast-food chain has been shattered by the realisation that Hungry Jack’s have discontinued my favourite burger…the Tendercrisp.

Hungry Jack’s

This is not an early April Fool’s joke.

Yes, that’s right. The beloved Tendercrisp, with its perfect combination of a breaded, deep-fried chicken fillet, mayo, lettuce, tomato on a brioche bun, has been scrubbed from the website entirely.

You could also get the spicy peri-peri option (my fave) or the bacon and cheese Tendercrisp, which was also delish.

I’ll give you a minute to process this shocking news that feels like a stab in the back from HJ’s.


Weren’t the hundreds of other struggles that we are currently going through enough, Hungry Jack’s??? Way to add to the pile.

It may sound basic, but there was just something about the Tendercrisp that hit — especially when you were in need of a good feed.

And what has it been replaced by? A fried chicken burger range, which looks nice and all, but it’s just not the same. The coating is completely different and I humbly ask Hungry Jack’s why we could not have both options available?

I mean, the Tendergrilled is still there! How dare HJ’s robs us of its infinitely superior counterpart.

Now, I thought it was just me who had completely missed the boat on this very important announcement. But according to my research, this change was implemented months ago, with many HJ’s fans finding out about it the hard way — aka attempting to order their fave and seeing it missing.

Excuse me but where the FUCK has the tendercrisp gone, Hungry Jacks? Twice I’ve tried to order my monthly HJ’s and no tender crisp. No I don’t want the grilled I want the TC 😭😭😭

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did they discontinue the tendercrisp at hungry jacks and replace it with the hunk of dry fried chicken they do now?? tendercrisps aren’t on menulog or ubereats 🥺😭 pls come back i love u

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Perhaps Hungry Jack’s thought they could spare us the pain of seeing the Tendercrisp discontinued. But at the same time, they robbed us of the chance to tuck into as many of these burgers as possible before production shut down.

So, as penance, I am petitioning for Hungry Jack’s to bring back the Tendercrisp — if not as a permanent menu addition, then as a special for fans to enjoy one last time.