I Love Twitter Too Much To Let Elon Musk Kill It

I Enjoy Twitter Much too Much To Let Elon Musk Get rid of It

In the meantime, the Washington Publish noted now that trolls are flocking to Twitter to article offensive loathe speech. But two out of the 3 tweets that it describes had been taken down from the web-site a several hrs afterwards. An additional tweet pointed out of just the n-phrase recurring around and over may well continue to be up. But there’s never been a ban on tweeting just that word by by itself. Practically nothing looks to have transformed moderation-wise but. But the trolls have built their issue, noisily: “We’re listed here, we’re parts of shit, get employed to it.” It’s intimidation, and it is working.

It is unattainable to predict ideal now what’s going to come about to Twitter in the short or very long term. For all the saber-rattling Musk is doing about “free speech,” the actuality is that most of the coverage and moderation function is less about edgy “wrongthink” in the US and much more about complying with restrictive laws in other countries. Or it is dealing with plain aged harassment. It is tricky to guess what the influence of permitting a couple dipshits back on to the system will have on those people bigger photograph difficulties that Twitter has expended the last couple decades cleansing up.

I’m an optimist, admittedly at times naively so. I want to think that Twitter might adjust, and some of these improvements I might not like, but they won’t be so terrible. I want to consider that it is not going to turn out to be 4chan, overrun with shitlords. I also want to think it won’t die a slow death as the outcome of dwindling usership and choked-off profits.

I want to think Twitter will continue to be Okay, for the reason that I enjoy Twitter. How can you log on and see a little something like this and not really like it?