I Asked AI To Create New Canadian Dishes And It Served

I Questioned AI To Develop New Canadian Dishes And It Served

Notice everyone: tech is unquestionably wild! Recently, I requested an artificial intelligence software to not only make a menu of uniquely invented Canadian delicacies and describe them but to also demonstrate me what these nonexistent foods would glimpse like!

So fundamentally, almost everything you can expect to see on this ~menu~ — the meals names, foods descriptions, and the pics of the meals were all made employing AI technological know-how! Wacky, ideal?

Now what I wanna know is, which of these ~imaginary~ dishes would you most probably be inclined to consider? Are robots amazing cooks? Let’s uncover out:

Which of these Canadian dishes of the long term received you rumbly in the tummy? Permit us know in the opinions! And though you’re at it — comply with Canada on Tiktok and Instagram for a grand ol’ time, eh?