I Tried 22 '90s Kids Snacks As An Adult

I Tried 22 ’90s Kids Snacks As An Adult

From Strawberry Creme Savers to Dunkaroos.

I think folks who grew up in the ’90s tend to remember childhood fondly, which sometimes results in things being recalled in a more favorable light than they deserve. So today we’re going to revisit some beloved ’90s snacks to see if they’ve survived the test of time, or if they were only good because we were seven years old. OK, here we go…


Creme Savers. Here’s what the outside of the packaging looks like.

And here’s what the actual candies look like.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: Amazing. Incredible. Arguably the GOAT of hard candies.
HOW ARE THEY NOW?: ELITE. TOP-TIER. STILL THE BEST. I’m not exaggerating, these things are still freakin’ fantastic. Despite being solid, there’s a creamy texture that pairs incredibly with the stronger strawberry flavor. I need to speak to the chef so I can compliment them on these perfect creations. Rich but not overwhelmingly sweet, they’re truly like a fancy little desert that’s the size of a lozenge. I intend on buying several packs and keeping Creme Savers in my pockets at all times.
RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 90/90


Pizza Rolls. Here’s what the outside of the packaging looks like.

And here’s what the Pizza Rolls look like.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: The ultimate not-quite-a-hot-meal-but-still-filling snack. If you couldn’t get fast food, this was the next best thing — a staple of snacking while hanging out at your friend’s house or chilling at home watching movies or TGIF or Snick or whatever.
HOW ARE THEY NOW?: They’re still very damn good, y’all. Not only are they as delicious as you remember, but now, in a world where everyone has an air fryer, they can be made quickly and efficiently. Air frying ’em gives a nice crispness to the crust while remaining soft/chewy on the interior. They obviously aren’t a full-on slice of pizza if that’s what you’re craving, but they’re certainly a delicious snack option that’s scarily easy to make/convenient to keep stashed in the freezer.
RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 80/90.


Toaster Strudel. Here’s what the outside of the packaging looks like.

And here’s what the actual strudel looks like.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: A delicacy. A beloved breakfast + dessert hybrid. 
HOW ARE THEY NOW?: Despite the unappetizing photo (my icing melted as soon as I put it on the strudel), this was FANTASTIC. Again, in the air frying era, this is another treat that greatly benefits from the crispness on the crust while remaining soft and fruit-filled on the inside. I could’ve eaten the entire box. Gretchen Wieners should be proud of her father’s work.
RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 82/90


Push Pop.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: A convenient candy because you could put a lid on and finish it later unlike other lollipops.
HOW ARE THEY NOW?: Fine. Tastes like pure sugar. No glaring complaints, but no profound compliments either. It’s just pretty alright.
RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 45/90


Dunkaroos. Here’s what the outside of the package looks like.

And here’s what they look like inside.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: Were DunkAroos the GOAT of discontinued ’90s snacks? They were certainly among the very top-tier treats back then. Even after two decades, I’ve randomly had cravings for these things, and when I saw that they were back, it was a big personal moment.
HOW ARE THEY NOW?: FOLKS. DUNKAROOS ARE STILL ELITE. I am blown away. They aren’t just “still pretty good,” they’re flawless. Also, they come in a small package, so it isn’t an overwhelming amount of sugar and the frosting-to-cookie ratio is perfect. I’ve only seen them at a Ralph’s and in 7-Eleven, so they’re not the easiest to find, but I promise they’re worth tracking down. God bless you, DunkAroos.
RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 90/90


SoBe Elixir (Strawberry Banana)

HOW WAS IT IN THE ’90s: Anyone else remember these coming in glass bottles? Well, they’re in plastic now, but whatever. I remember loving SoBe, particularly the fruit punch and green tea flavors. I also recall SoBe’s options having unique looks, so I decided to try the bright pink one.

HOW IS IT NOW?: Yikes. From my first (and only) sip, I picked up notes of stale tea, banana-flavored medicine, and a melted strawberry smoothie. It’s evident that at some point, my taste buds outgrew this liquid. It happens, just usually not so drastically! It is with great sadness that I sever ties between my mouth and SoBe.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 5/90 (all five points are solely for looking pretty)


Fruit Gushers. Here’s what the outside of the package looks like.

And here’s what the Gushers look like.

HOW WAS IT IN THE ’90s: These were another top-level treat. The way they latched to your teeth like the Venom costume wasn’t the greatest, but taste-wise they were incredible. My only other complaint was that they made me fear my head might turn into an XXL piece of fruit.
HOW IS IT NOW?: My memory had set the bar pretty high, but these still delivered. For some reason, this pack only had strawberry, but the lack of flavors did not stop me from enjoying my experience. I will undoubtedly be having these again. I wish there were a version that felt a little bit healthier, but I guess that would just be like, y’know, actual berries.
RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 80/90


Nutri-Grain Bars. Here’s what the packaging looks like.

And here’s what the actual bar looks like.

HOW WAS IT IN THE ’90s: Nutri-Grain bars taste like road trips and rushed mornings. Aside from Pop-Tarts, I don’t think there was an on-the-go snack I liked more.
HOW WAS IT NOW?: I had flashbacks from the first bite. It was like running into someone you hadn’t seen in forever and having a nice interaction, then wondering why you let so much time pass without connecting. They’re a little dryer and more crumbly than I remember, but the filling holds up.
RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 70/90


Fruit Roll-Ups. Here’s what the outside of the package looks like.

And here’s the actual roll-up.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: These were a sweet, chewy delight. I was team crumple-it-into-a-ball-and-throw-it-in-your-mouth.

HOW ARE THEY NOW?: They’re like a sugary sheet of toilet paper and I mean that in a complimentary way — the taste holds up. It probably won’t blow your mind anymore like it did as a kid, but it might pleasantly remind you of lunchtime trade negotiations.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 71/90


Oreo O’s.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: These were really popular at one point because people LOVE Oreos and the thought of them in cereal form is undeniably appealing. I remember dabbling once in a while, but I was a Froot Loops and Trix kid.

HOW ARE THEY NOW?: So I’m not a huge chocolate cereal person, but they’re definitely not bad. Personally, I like it better dry, like a snack by the handful, but the most important thing you must know is IT IS NOT INTERCHANGEABLE WITH OREOS. If you’re craving the classic cookies, get ’em, because this won’t fill that void.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 61/90


Capri Sun

HOW WAS IT IN THE ’90s: ‘Twas a tasty beverage that I couldn’t get enough of — literally, there was never enough juice in these tiny packets.

HOW IS IT NOW?: Getting that yellow straw in the hole still takes steady hands and precision, but your boy has experience. Anyway, the first sip yanked me back to a first grade cafeteria bench. It tastes EXACTLY like it used to, a juice that isn’t overwhelmingly sweet and left me wanting more than the two sips it had to offer.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 75/90


Kid Cuisine. Here’s what the outside packaging looks like.

And here’s what the actual meal looks like.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: I remember these being fine dining. Even if the home-cooked food you got was better, these frozen meals were held in high regard. You got a main course, a couple sides, and a brownie that would undoubtedly have mac and cheese or corn in it, or vice versa.

HOW ARE THEY NOW?: I quickly ate all three (allegedly) chicken nuggets, one flavorless, forgettable spoonful of corn, one small bite of mac and brownie and cheese, and then I put a piece of brownie in my mouth but felt there would be dire consequences for swallowing it, so now it’s balled up in a napkin, in the garbage.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 20/90


Hubba Bubba Max. Here’s what the outside packaging looks like.

And here’s how the pieces of gum look.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: A juicy hunk of flavorful gum.

HOW ARE THEY NOW?: A super chewy, fruity gum that loses all taste within 30–60 seconds. It’s almost impressive how quickly all of the flavor is just…gone. Like a meet and greet with a celebrity, the flavor says, “hello,” then it waves your taste buds off and the whole experience is over in a flash. Disappointing, to say the least.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 10/90


Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s: A fun, long strip of bubble gum that had high appeal to children because it could double as somewhat of a toy.

HOW ARE THEY NOW?:  This is oddly flimsy. Like, it feels like it might melt/liquify in your mouth. It’s also covered in a thick layer of chalky powder that tastes and feels like it was dry rubbed in an ashtray. No thanks!



SpaghettiOs. Here’s what the outside of the can looks like.

And here’s what the actual SpaghettiOs look like.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s? Nothing left a mark on the ’90s like SpaghettiOs. Literally, they stained every single plastic food container they touched. Taste-wise, I remember them being a quick, solid “pasta” dish.

HOW ARE THEY NOW? They’re like soggy Cheerios in tomato whole milk. I had approximately two spoonfuls and decided it was best to disengage. It’s not that they’re terribly disgusting or anything, but once you’ve lived long enough to have tasted quality pasta, it’s tough to go back. No disrespect, SpaghettiOs, you’ll always hold a special place inside me (because you permanently painted the linings of my insides reddish orange).

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 30/90.


Lunchables. Here’s what the outside packaging of the pizza one looks like.

Here’s what the outside packaging of the cheese, turkey, and crackers one looks like.

Here’s what the actual pizza one looks like inside.

And here’s what the cheese, turkey, and crackers one looks like on the inside.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s? DELIGHTFUL. FANTASTIC. DELICIOUS. EXQUISITE. SPECTACULAR. Truly, it was always exciting to put your meal together with whatever cheese and meat–to–cracker ratio you wanted.

HOW ARE THEY NOW? PRETTY GOOD. ALRIGHT. OK. NOT BAD. DECENT. I still see the appeal; they’re quick and easy to construct, and honestly, the pizza one and I went on a pleasant walk down memory lane together. I’m not ashamed to admit that I ate the entire thing — both crusts, and not a single pepperoni left behind. As for the other one, the turkey was a little slimy, which turned me off, but I still stacked some cheese and cracker sandwiches together and happily ate cold Oreos.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 72/90 for the pizza; 38/90 for the cheese and crackers.


Warheads. Here’s what the outside wrapper looks like.

And here’s what the actual candy looks like.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s? A very sour candy that was more about torture than taste.

HOW ARE THEY NOW? Was I a glutton for punishment? Why did I eat these? This one seared my taste buds with a burning sourness that tasted like chemicals. I tried running it underwater to wash off the sour and get to the sweet part, but even then it was only fine. This is a prime example of something that was living under a pleasant light in my memories but will now be thought of as an absolute nope.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 9/90 (the only redeeming quality is the very OK sweet candy part).


Juice Barrels

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s? One of many sweet beverage options back in the day. While they weren’t top-tier like Capri Sun, they were nothing to scoff at. If my memory serves me correctly, they’re like a lesser Hawaiian Punch.

HOW ARE THEY NOW? They just taste like something that has little to offer nutritionally. They’re sugary water with coloring. That said, this tasted decent, in a plasticky sort of way.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 45/90


Ring Pop. Here’s what the outside packaging looks like.

And here’s what the actual candy looks like.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s? The most elegant candy option on the market. Great for children who were too young to be trusted with a loose piece of hard candy in their mouth.

HOW ARE THEY NOW? The candy itself is still REALLY good, like a Tropical Skittles–flavored Jolly Rancher. Unfortunately, it’s tough not to have your lips blocked by the plastic ring part. I don’t remember this being a problem — did the ring part get bigger? Did my lips simply outgrow this? Whatever the case, the inconvenience of trying to eat this outweighed my ability to enjoy the candy.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 45/90 (this would be much higher if it were based on the candy alone).



HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s? A beloved frozen treat. Aside from Ninja Turtles ice cream bars with the gumball eyes and the Good Humor strawberry shortcake joints, these were a popular purchase from ice cream trucks.

HOW ARE THEY NOW? They’re so much smaller than I remember, but they still taste good — like a spoonful of sherbet. I ate two of them in a span of three minutes.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 65/90


Brisk Iced Tea

HOW WAS IT IN THE ’90s? I remember being a big fan of this iced tea and how it hit on a hot day. You can’t chug a burning, fizzy soda the way you can a nice, chilled tea. It also had memorable commercials through the years that starred Rocky or the skeleton/snowman.

HOW IS IT NOW? Why did I stop drinking this? Perhaps Arizona Iced Tea came between Brisk and me for a stretch during middle school and we never rekindled things, but it was good to be reunited. This isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, and in terms of canned tea, it’s above average.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 66/90


Finally, we began with a hard candy and we’ll end with one: Werther’s Original.

HOW WERE THEY IN THE ’90s? These were a virtual lock in every elderly person’s candy dish, and even back in the day, it was evident that they deserved more respect than the last resort for sugar when you were at your grandparents’ house.

HOW ARE THEY NOW? Still underrated. I’m here wondering why I don’t ever buy these as an adult. I like caramel, I hate candy getting stuck in my teeth — boom, here’s the solution: caramel in hard candy form.

RATING ON A SCALE OF 1–90: 75/90 (Interestingly, 75–90 also seems to be the Werther’s Original target age range).

NOTE: All of these items were pretty easy to find! I got everything either within the aisles of grocery stores EXCEPT for Creme Savers, which I purchased through Amazon.