I Tried Jennifer Aniston's Favorite Salad

I Tried Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite Salad

It’s no wonder she has AMAZING skin.

So apparently, Jennifer Aniston has a go-to salad, and it’s blowing up on TikTok right now.

The recipe has been taking over the platform, and hundreds of people have posted clips about it.

The ingredients are very similar to what would be in a Tabbouleh — which I love — so I knew I had to try it. Here’s how it went:

I started by gathering my ingredients. According to the TikTok, the recipe calls for bulgur, chickpeas, feta cheese, cucumbers, red onion, mint, parsley, and pistachios.

Jen Adams

I used a quinoa and bulgur wheat combo since that’s what they had at my local grocery store.

First things first, I cooked my grains. I realized most of the recipes online didn’t have specific measurements for the ingredients, so I decided to cook a fourth of a cup of the bulgur-quinoa mixture — I thought that would be more than enough for one person.

I followed the directions on the package and cooked the bulgur just like rice, bringing the water to a boil. After the water was bubbling, I turned down the heat and put a lid on the pot.

While the grains cooked, I started to cut my vegetables. I sliced two mini cucumbers and set them aside in a bowl.

I then diced half of a red onion, trying as best as I could to make sure the pieces were uniform and thin, because there is nothing worse than a big raw onion chunk in your salad.

After the onions, I grabbed a generous handful of the parsley and gave it a good chop.

Next up was the mint — don’t ask why I bought a whole plant, but I plucked off about a dozen or so leaves and then sliced them into little ribbons, using the ~mint chiffonade~ technique.

After the herbs, I crumbled the cheese. I used the entire block of feta, which was 5.3 ounces.

By the time I was done with the feta, the grains were fully cooked. (About 15-ish minutes had passed.) I turned the heat off and let the mixture absorb the steam with the lid on.

Back to the cutting board — I chopped up half a cup of pistachios and added it to the bowl.

Last but not least, I drained and rinsed the chickpeas and then added them in!

I decided to go outside for ~better lighting~, hence the table change. But here it is — all there’s left to do now is mix.

Ta-daaaaa! Look at that color palette.

Selfie with my beautiful bowl of salad! According to the people of TikTok, Ms. Aniston didn’t use any dressing, so I decided to honor her choice and try it sans condiments.

After taking the first few bites, I did think it was a little bland, so I added some freshly squeezed lemon juice and a dash of salt and pepper — and it was DELISH!

It definitely has that healthy, earthy taste, but in a good way.

Warner Bros Television / Via giphy.com

The pistachios and feta are definitely the star ingredients of this salad, adding a salty, savoriness to the otherwise bland chickpeas, cucumber and bulgur. The herbs also keep things addictively refreshing. Plus, the textures are SO balanced in this salad with the perfect amount of crunchiness from the nuts and creaminess from the cheese.

I totally get why this is her favorite! (BTW, the measurements I used made about five servings, so adjust accordingly!)

What do you think? Have you tried this salad? Let me know in the comments!

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