I Tried The TikTok Viral Grated Egg Avocado Toast

I Tried The TikTok Viral Grated Egg Avocado Toast

The grated hard-boiled egg is a game changer.

For better or for worse, I eat avocado toast almost every single day. I’ve tried just about every variation of the dish too. (Avo toast with red pepper and honey? Yes. Avo toast with pickled onions? Absolutely.)

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So when I heard that Grated Egg Avocado Toast was making its rounds on TikTok, I knew I had to see what all the hype was about.

By the looks of the comments, it seems like the grated egg provided a certain edge over any ol’ normal egg.

One user who goes by @mabelllee commented:

Another user who goes by @ae.cakes.rdu said:

After reading the comments section I was so intrigued by the grated egg, so I decided to make it for myself:

I started by gathering my ingredients. I followed the recipe mentioned in the TikTok above, which calls for a slice of bread, an avocado, an egg, Kewpie mayonnaise, and Sriracha. As the name of the dish suggests, you’ll also need a grater!

Jen Adams

I used sourdough bread, although it doesn’t seem like the type of bread matters too much in this recipe. The TikTok above also suggests using a microplane grater for the egg, but after having done this myself it seems like any grater will get the job done.

Since I knew the egg would take the longest to cook, I decided to focus on that first. To boil the egg, I filled a pot with water — making sure there was about an inch of water over the egg — and turned the heat on high.

After about five minutes, the water started to bubble up. Once it reached a heavier boil, I set a timer for 8 minutes. I used this guide to help me determine how long to boil the egg for.

After 8 minutes passed, I transferred the egg into a bowl with cold water and ice. I let it sit in the ice bath for about 10 minutes while I waited for it to cool down.

In the meantime, I toasted my bread. (Excuse the pan — I don’t own a toaster, lol.)

While the bread was heating up, I cut an avocado and scooped half of it out onto the cutting board.

I cut the avocado into smaller pieces, and then put the toasted bread onto a plate to prepare for assembling.

Of course, I had to put some Kewpie mayonnaise on the toast too.

After prepping the base of the toast, I peeled the now-cooled egg.

Then, it was time for the main event — grating.

I wish there were more of an exciting way to describe how I grated the egg, but I literally just acted as if the egg were a block of cheese and grated as I would normally.

The egg should turn into an ultra-fine topping for the toast. The grating itself is pretty easy, but I will say the process is definitely a bit messy, and the egg remnants will stick to your grater.

I wanted to mimic the TikTok’s toast as closely as possible, so I added three dollops of Sriracha on top of the egg. Look at how pretty the final product turned out!

And of course, I had to take a selfie with my newest creation before taking the first bite.

Verdict: It was actually delicious! I didn’t necessarily have any doubts about the taste since it’s a relatively simple recipe, but everything really complements each other nicely, especially the Kewpie mayo and Sriracha.

And the commenters were right — the grated egg makes a difference. Maybe I’m just imagining it, but it somehow tastes better than if it were just a fried egg or a scrambled egg. (You know how finely chopped salads are just infinitely better than the non-chopped variety? I think the psychology is pretty much the same here.) I know that some people have a texture issue with eggs, so I would assume that this would be the way to make avocado toast if that applies to you.

What’s your favorite way to make avocado toast? Let me know in the comments!