If You Deleted Your Social Media In 2022, Tell Us Why

If You Deleted Your Social Media In 2022, Convey to Us Why

The normal particular person spends 147 minutes, or 2.45 several hours, on social media per working day — that is up two minutes from 2021. Which may possibly not be so good: Research demonstrate that social media can boost destructive self-impression, depression, anxiousness, and thoughts of loneliness. And then there are privacy worries and the sheer stage of exhaustion from the deluge of content material that folks encounter on a day-to-day basis.

So it would make whole perception if you stop social media in 2022. And if you did, we want to hear from you for an future tale on Cayuga Media. What were being the highlights? The difficulties? Did you end up returning?

Inform us why you resolved to deactivate and what your working experience was like by filling out this form. You could be contacted to take part in a upcoming Cayuga Media tale.