IHOP Pancakes Vs. Denny's Pancakes

IHOP Pancakes Vs. Denny’s Pancakes

In this article are our Benefit scores:

CHRIS: Denny’s price tag $5.33 a lot more AND experienced the greater pancake? Although I assume as a common rule breakfast should really be cheap due to the fact I have professional way too quite a few community diners that only cost like $7 for a full, hearty breakfast, this is an quick victory for Denny’s simply because 5 bucks is a significant chunk added to pay out for IHOP.

DENNY’S: 4/5

IHOP: 2.5/5

KRISTA: I think it really is quite noticeable Denny’s wins on benefit here. Their pancake was truly a lot more substantial than I at first assumed just eye-balling it and I give a tip of the hat to them for the price — even nevertheless I still feel $15+ is rather expensive, it’s still less expensive than IHOP by very a bit. Kuddos, Denny’s!

DENNY’S: 4.7/5

IHOP: 4.4/5