Things Americans Don't Understand About Japanese Culture

Issues People in america Really don’t Fully grasp About Japanese Lifestyle

Hey! I am Evie. As a travel author, I have been fortunate sufficient to visit a lot more than 50 international locations, and have had some pretty remarkable encounters along the way. But there is a person destination that’s specially close to my coronary heart: Japan.

It was like at very first sight for me and Japan (on my stop, at the very least). Because my 1st introduction in 2016, I’ve frequented Japan numerous times, and I even got the opportunity to are living there for a number of months.

But funny sufficient, the far more time I spent in this excellent country, the much more bewildered I felt. Japan is very highly developed and contemporary, nonetheless it remains relatively untouched by Westernization. The final result is a country that is enchanting and strange (in the best way probable) — specially to a Westerner like me.

So without having even more ado, here are a bunch of queries I have for Japan.


Why do not you at any time crack the rules?


And do you ever get fatigued dealing with loud, clueless gaijin like me?


As a society with so numerous social ~policies~, why is it even now alright to loudly slurp noodles?


Do you at any time get so hungry you happen to be tempted to take in on the go?


Why is it okay, and even ordinary, for salarymen to be passed out drunk?


Why can you nevertheless smoke in some dining places and bars, but you can not mild up on the street?


Does it at any time really feel humorous bowing to men and women?


Does it ever annoy you you to continually choose your footwear off and on?


Do the recycling protocols at any time confuse you?


For a place that is so conscious about recycling, why are fruits with a peel however wrapped in plastic? And why do you use so lots of plastic bags?


How are the metropolis streets so peaceful and so clear!?


Why does everything which includes food have a lovable minor encounter on it?


And why does almost everything — from towns to financial institutions — have a mascot?


Are factors like maid cafes and woman bands with a troupe of grownup male enthusiasts seriously okay?


Do partners actually use enjoy hotels to meet up with up?


How arrive acquiring a vegetarian meal is so tricky?


How do you manage to choose up small grains of rice or slippery noodles with chopsticks?


What’s the obsession with plastic foods?


Why do you really like Package Kats so much?


And ultimately, why have not you capitalized on all your amazing innovations (i.e. bogs, hot-drink vending devices, heated tables)?

Have you visited Japan and felt baffled or fascinated by a certain element of the tradition? Notify us in the remarks down below.