Man Leaves Girlfriend In Restaurant Over Spaghetti

Male Leaves Girlfriend In Restaurant Around Spaghetti

In the comment section of the Reddit thread, a good deal of men and women chimed in to say that slurping and noticeably bad desk manners in public are not Ok, and irrespective of being rather harsh, the OP was not the A-hole in the condition:

“I have to go with [not the a-hole]. If she’s slurping loud more than enough to attract interest each and every time she has noodles, which is as well considerably. And it’s not like you’re telling her she’s not authorized to eat noodles, just not at a restaurant with you. She can make spaghetti at property.”


“Currently being in the comfort and ease of your own property is just one thing, but it is not that really hard to clear up and change manners when out in public, in fact it is very effortless. The way you dealt with it wasn’t fantastic even so you did warn her and she didn’t handle the predicament very well possibly.”


“She also deliberately changed her buy despite figuring out how substantially it bothered you, and you did give her truthful warning you would not take in pasta with her in a sit down cafe. Ironic she’s mad at you for embarrassing her once when she’s been embarrassing you consistently with this.”