McDonald's Adult Happy Meal Is Something To Hate On

McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Is Something To Hate On

McDonald’s recently launched their Adult Happy Meal, and alllll I’ve been seeing on my timeline are a bunch of memes about it.

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Despite what the memes imply, the fast food chain’s new menu item doesn’t offer any sort of contraband, but does include a choice between a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, an order of medium fries, and a drink.

Oh, and a toy of course. McDonald’s teamed up with the brand Cactus Plant Flea Market and made a squad of four-eyed collectible items. The special box for the Adult Happy Meal was designed by them, too.

.@McDonalds & Cactus Plant Flea Market are collaborating for their adult happy meal which includes redesigned nostalgic toys from the food chain.

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A lot of people online seemed to be really excited about the toys.

Gonna drive my stupid car down to stupid McDonald’s to get myself a stupid adult happy meal because I’m obsessed with collecting dumb little things that give me the tiniest amount of serotonin

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Some people even said they were on the hunt to collect all four. I guess they are pretty cute.

I got the adult happy meal!!!
Got the one I least wanted tho ): but either way this boi is a lot bigger than I thought he’d be.
I know they look silly but I legit want all the toys.

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However, there were a distinct amount of people who criticized the meal and called it “overrated.”

unpopular opinion: the adult happy meal is overrated and overpriced, like i’ll just stick with my usual order

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Seeing all the mixed reviews, I knew I had to try it for myself to get down to the bottom of this.

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I walked over to my nearest McDonald’s and got my hands on one. Here’s how it all went:

I arrived at the McDonald’s around noon, and it was very crowded. I was actually a little surprised at how packed it was. I went to their touch screens to order and saw that they were advertising the Adult Happy Meal — AKA the Cactus Plant Flea Market box — on the system.

Once I clicked on it, I was asked if I wanted the Big Mac or the 10-piece Chicken McNuggets.

Personally, I’ve always been a Chicken McNuggets girl, so I went with those. I was already starting to feel like a kid again.

I then added BBQ and ranch sauce — no further explanation necessary.

The Adult Happy Meal itself is $12.29, but with tax, it came out to just over $13 in New York City. (Note that this will vary from state to state.)

Alas, I paid for everything and the order was placed. I looked around and saw at least 6 other people in the restaurant with their respective AHMs.

Finally, after about 15 minutes of waiting during the lunch rush, I had my Happy Meal in hand and had to admire the box that it came in.

On one side of the box, there’s a graphic of all the toys and their names’ — Cactus Buddy, Grimace, Birdie, and Hamburglar.

Upon opening my Happy Meal, I was presented with the strong, salty smell of fries. I was immediately transported back to my childhood.

Here are all of the contents laid out nicely, for your viewing pleasure.

Obviously I had to immediately find out which toy I got, so I got that out of the way before taking a bite of anything.

I got Hamburglar. And y’all, as wild as it sounds, these toys are very much in demand. I’ve seen sites reselling Hamburglar for $50.

Anyway, I took a bite of my Chicken McNuggets and fries. They tasted exactly as I remember.

Were they amazing? No. Were they terrible? Also no.

The fries were decent, though.

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed given all the attention it’s gotten online, but that might be a bit of an unfair assessment because well, it is from McDonald’s afterall.

After trying this, I’ve started to see more and more people lamenting about it being sold out in their location, and honestly, to them, I’d say you aren’t missing out on much.

In shambles bc I’ve been to multiple McDonalds and they were all sold out of the Adult Happy Meal 💔 @McDonalds pls stop putting ads for it all over my Twitter if they won’t be available 😭

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For $13, it’s not worth it. I guess the only reason someone would want to get this would be to collect the toys, but other than that, I don’t really see the appeal for this. Do yourself a favor and order the regular McNuggets or Big Mac for half the price.

Have you tried the Adult Happy Meal? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.