New Trader Joe's Products, Summer 2022

New Trader Joe’s Products, Summer 2022

Waffle fries, horchata ice cream, pickle snacks, a fan-favorite sunscreen, the list goes on…

Summer is in full swing, which means you know Trader Joe’s is right there with you dropping lots of new and exciting products perfect for the warm weather. Here are all the things I’ve been eyeing lately that just recently hit shelves.


Layered Beef Tostada

Hannah Loewentheil

I’m not entirely sure what differentiates a layered tostada from a loaded quesadilla, but this stacked, Mexican-inspired meal is filled with pinto beans, beef, cheese and topped with some veggies for good measure. 


Peach and Watermelon Macarons

u/u/Suitable-Blueberry85 / Via

Transport yourself to Paris with the help of these fully prepared, fruity macarons. 


Horchata Ice Cream

Hannah Loewentheil

If you love creamy, cinnamon-y horchata, this brand new frozen dessert certainly won’t disappoint on a hot summer day. 


Daily Facial Sunscreen

@evilcheshirecat_ / Via

People are raving about this SPF oil-free invisible gel formula and calling it a perfect Supergoop dupe. I’ve been stalking the shelves at my local TJ’s and still haven’t been able to spot it, but I can’t wait to try it for myself.


Seasoned Waffle Cut Fries

Hannah Loewentheil

In the world of fries, waffle cut will forever reign supreme, IMO. This is exactly what your summer cookout called for.


Gluten-Free Breaded Shrimp


Out Of This World Ice Pops

Hannah Loewentheil

The Fourth of July may have passed, but I’ll continue to enjoy these red, white, and blue ice pops all summer long. 


Ube Spread

Hannah Loewentheil

The ube products just keep coming at Trader Joe’s, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Use this spread to give a subtly sweet kick to your morning toast, pancakes, croissants, and more.


Hatch Pepper Gouda

Hannah Loewentheil

This rich, creamy, and nutty cheese is a great addition to your cheese board or use it to garnish your favorite dishes from stuffed peppers to quesadillas. 


Korean Beefless Bulgogi

Hannah Loewentheil

This meatless, Korean-inspired barbecue beef is an exciting new addition for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone just trying to cut back on meat and try something new. Try serving it over rice or Trader Joe’s japchae noodles. 


Strawberry & Rhubarb Hand Pies


Blueberry Dream Frozen Dessert Bars

Hannah Loewentheil

You can never have too many ice cream options, and these creamy blueberry popsicles are the perfect addition to your freezer full of desserts.


Freeze-Fried Just Chicken For Pets

Hannah Loewentheil

My dog has been going wild for these ever since I opened the bag. I especially love sprinkling a handful over his food when he’s being a picky eater. He gobbles it right up.


Salsa de Cacahuate

u/aswewaltz / Via

This salsa packs a surprising ingredient: peanuts. The result is a rich, tangy, and creamy condiment with a spicy kick.


Key Lime Tea Cookies

Hannah Loewentheil

Imagine all the flavors you look for in key lime pie in buttery shortbread cookie form. 


Red Boat Fish Sauce

Hannah Loewentheil

TJ’s occasionally carries this fan-favorite fish sauce brand, but I haven’t seen it on shelves in a long while. And considering I just bought it elsewhere for three times the price, I’m pumped about the addition. 


Vegan Sour Cream Alternative


Egg Bites

Hannah Loewentheil

These fully cooked egg bites, available in two different flavors, are an easy, protein-packed breakfast or snack ideal for when you’re on the go.


Cashew Butter Cashews

Hannah Loewentheil

Once you tear open that packaging, there’s no stopping. Consider yourself warned.


Peanuts In A Pickle

Hannah Loewentheil

Pickle lovers, this one is sort of a big dill.


Salsa Verde Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips

Hannah Loewentheil

Remember that new peanut-infused salsa? It’s time to dip. 


Organic Pineapple Chunks in Pineapple Juice

Hannah Loewentheil

From pineapple grilled chicken to tropical cocktails and desserts, you’d be surprised how many ways you can use this sweet diced pineapple.


Vegan Brioche Loaf

u/babyyodaonline / Via

Whereas most brioche bread contains eggs, this version is vegan-friendly, equally as decadent and airy, and just begging for you to make French toast.


Limoncello Gouda Cheese

u/lookie4dacookie / Via

I’ll let you be the judge of this one.


Unfiltered Apple Juice

Hannah Loewentheil

Made from one single ingredient (apples!) and absolutely none of that fake stuff.


Chili Pineapple Kettle Popcorn

Hannah Loewentheil

For all the sweet and salty lovers, this one’s for you.


Gluten-Free Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Hannah Loewentheil

Trader Joe’s fully assembled cauliflower crust cheese pizza is one of my favorite frozen aisle finds, so I’m especially excited to try this fully loaded version.


Organic Spaghetti Squash Nests

Hannah Loewentheil

Just waiting to be tossed with your favorite sauce.


Briette Cheese

Hannah Loewentheil

The cheese plate of your dreams is well within reach.

What have you tried and loved lately at Trader Joe’s? Tell me in the comments!