People Are Sharing Popular Foods They Hate

People Are Sharing Popular Foods They Hate

There’s a reason why chocolate, vanilla, and even strawberry ice cream exist. It’s because people have different taste preferences when it comes to food, of course. But every once in a while you hear an unpopular food opinion that gives you pause. So Redditor u/DownrightDwight asked, “Whats a food you hate that everyone else loves?” Here’s what people said.


“Fruit-filled pies. The texture of the cooked fruit just doesn’t do it for me. Cream pies (like chocolate, pumpkin, or key lime) are great — but I can do without fruit pie.”


“Any artificial sweetener. I despise them and think they ruin any baked dish, soft drink, etc that they are in. I don’t care what anyone says, not a single artificial sweetener ever tastes like real sugar.”


“That cheap frosting on cupcakes. Once in a blue moon I sort of crave this stuff, but every time I eat it I remember that it’s one of the worst sweet foods out there.”


“Canned tuna fish. Let’s be honest: It’s basically a socially acceptable way for humans to eat cat food.”


“Oysters. I know they’re supposed to be a delicacy and everything, but for me it just tastes of salt and seaweed. I feel like I must be missing something.”


“Cottage cheese. People eat the stuff plain by the spoonful, but I can’t get over the chunky and slimy texture.”


“Raisins. They’re these wrinkly, tiny, creepy things. There’s no worse feeling than accidentally eating an oatmeal raisin cookie thinking it’s a chocolate chip cookie.”


“Eggplant. I’m sorry, but this vegetable has the texture of a dirty sponge.”


“Watermelon. It tastes like crunchy La Croix. It’s water with a hint of flavor.”


“Asparagus. It tastes like hot garbage to me. Grilled, steamed, or boiled, it’s all terrible. It has this odd, woody taste to it, and the texture just doesn’t sit right with me.”


“Baked beans. I grew up poor and I never much liked them, but we had them a lot when we were kids. They became even less enjoyable since I ate them over and over again.”


“Hot sauce. It doesn’t add flavor. It adds heat, which makes good food taste like nothing but the spicy hot sauce. No hot sauce for me, please.”


“Avocado. I know this is a hugely unpopular food opinion, but I hate avocado. I don’t even necessarily think it’s gross; it just tastes like dirt to me and has a weird texture. I like guacamole, because it’s well seasoned and you can taste the other flavors like cilantro, lime, salt, pepper, and things I love. I’ve always been baffled by the avocado craze that has taken over the USA in the last decade: avocado on burgers, avocado toast, avocado ice cream. I don’t get it. I don’t like the taste of it and don’t understand why it belongs on top of everything.”


“Hard boiled eggs. The smell absolutely disgusts me. I can’t be in the same room when they’re being prepared or even eaten.”


“I can’t stand Nutella. I don’t understand why so many people love it. It’s so cloyingly sweet and horrible.”


“Mayo. Even if you ask for no mayo and someone messes up your order when you asked for none, there’s no salvaging your food. This condiment soaks in and slathers into every bite.”


“Olives. Black or green, I think olives are the worst. I hate them on pizza, I hate them in salads, and I hate their entire existence.”


“Ranch dressing. It’s smelly, creamy, sour, and gross. I don’t like ranch on anything, but get especially grossed out at the sight of lettuce drenched in it.”


“Bananas. Even if you pack a lunch and put a banana in the bag, it contaminates everything else with that distinct banana taste. Think those Cheez-Its you packed are going to taste crunchy, cheesy, and fantastic? Wrong. If they’re near a banana, they’ll taste like it.”


“Black beans. I have tried them in so many different recipes from black bean soup to veggie burgers and bean dip. I’ve even tried black beans in tacos, quesadillas, and on nachos. I can’t stand them. They instantly make me want to stop eating whatever they’re served with.”


“Sweet pickles. They are nothing but a cruel joke. I remember being at a potluck years ago and grabbing a delicious looking pickle for my plate. When I bit into it, to my dismay, it was a bread and butter pickle! The betrayal was unforgettable.”


“Truffle oil. It isn’t even made from real truffles. It is disgusting, and the flavor sticks around in my nose for hours.”


“Matcha. I love mint and pistachio-flavored things, and I even love green tea so when I see a matcha drink or matcha-flavored ice cream I think it looks delicious. But nope, each time I try it, it still tastes like dust.”


“Coconut flakes. I do not want to chew on something that’s texture of paper and that tastes the way suntan lotion smells.”


“Sushi. I’ve tried it so many times and still can’t get myself to like it. It’s a combination of raw fish, awful texture, and no flavor at all unless you dip it in soy sauce, which I don’t like either.”


“Eggs. I have the weirdest relationship with this food. I love them until suddenly without reason, my brain decides they give me the ick. Sometimes this occurs mid-meal while I’m eating eggs. Then weeks or months go by, and one day, I crave them again.”


“Ketchup. My whole family likes to put in on everything. If I never ate this condiment again, it’d be too soon.”


“Goat cheese. I can eat feta, cream cheese, pretty much any kind of cheese — except for goat. It tastes like burnt plastic to me.”

What’s a food that everyone seems to love that you can’t stand? Tell us in the comments!