People Are Sharing The Food They Hated Until It Was Properly Prepared For Them

People Are Sharing The Food They Hated Until It Was Properly Prepared For Them

Seems like the mystery of why so many kids don’t like vegetables has been solved.

If there’s a food you tried as a kid that made you gag, only to realize later in life that it’s actually delicious, you’re not the only one.

Plenty of people piped up when Redditor u/AndShesNotEvenPretty asked, “What is a food you hated until you ate it properly prepared?”

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“For me it was salad. As a kid, all the salads I was exposed to were iceberg lettuce with a wheel of watery cucumber, and a mealy wedge of tomato. The dressings were either industrially made or non-emulsified vinaigrettes that tasted like straight oil. It was a revelation the first time I had a quality salad! Now they’re almost all I eat.”

Salads definitely don’t comprise most of my diet, but I can relate to hating them as a kid and enjoying them so much now I sometimes even partake in a big salad.

Here are some of the other foods people gave a second chance to:



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“My mother (who was a splendid cook in almost every other way) always cooked them to death and into an indistinguishable mash.

Zucchini fried in some oil for a short time is so tasty.” —u/redchindi



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“My mum never marinated it or put any seasonings so it was always very dry. I messed around with some marinades and have grilled chicken usually 2 times a week now.” —u/whyyallsodamnloud



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“All I’d had as a kid was the canned mushy weird-tasting kind and when I finally tried it grilled, it was an entirely different experience.” —u/resetdials



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“I grew up during the low-fat craze and my mom would always buy the leanest cuts of meats. I had no idea why anyone liked hamburgers since the ones we had at home were so dry and dense. Later on I had some made with fattier meat and finally understood how delicious a good burger is.” —u/moneyticketspassport



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“When I was a kid (in South East Georgia during the ’70s and ’80s,) it was always from a can. And then I visited relatives in the Pacific Northwest, and ate fresh salmon. It was a revelation.” —u/50EffingCabbages



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“If you do it right, it’s the most delightful little flavor sponge. If not, it’s a mushy and joyless mess.” —u/taywi


Brussel sprouts

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“When I was a kid the only time I ever saw them knocking about was at Christmas, and my aunties all steam them. I couldn’t get my head around why anyone would want to eat one of these disgusting little balls of condensed fart.

Then I tried them again at a restaurant in Boston when I was 29, roasted with a side of malt vinegar aioli. It was one of those truly transformative moments in my life, they’re now my favorite vegetable and I eat them more or less on a daily basis.” —u/undertwelveparsecs



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“I only ever had them mashed, and parsnips have this astringent, lemony note that I just did not vibe with at all. Roasting them until caramelized and crispy on the edges is a game changer! So sweet and flavorful.” —u/IlexAquifolia



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“I hate American yellow mustard, it’s just gross to me. But one time my German step-grandfather let me try real stone-ground German mustard and I loved it.” — Anonymous



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“Turns out beans don’t HAVE to be a semi-crunchy, mealy nugget of death in otherwise delicious things. I’m still wary of the bigger varieties, but I have an ongoing love affair with lentils, chickpeas, and cannellini beans now.” — u/LostSelkie



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“My parents always brutally overcooked them cause they thought you’d get sick if you didn’t. Tasted like hard pieces of ash. Then one time I attended a local pork producer benefit, with plenty of pork to go around.

The chops were actually amazing, and it completely changed my outlook on them. Juicy and full of flavor. I’d honestly take a good pork chop over steak any day now.” —u/Tigerphobia



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“I thought all scallops had the texture of rubber bands until I worked in fine dining and had the pleasure of tasting the menu. I tried the prosciutto-wrapped scallop with a lemon caper beurre blanc and my life was changed FOREVER.” —u/Klutzy-Client


Mashed potatoes

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“My mom made dry, lumpy mashed potatoes when I was young, thick enough and bland enough to make me gag! HELLO BUTTER!” —u/JennyBlocks



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“I never experienced any of this growing up (the ’90s, more rural area in Canada) until around 16 on a class trip in the city.

Had some shitty sushi and within a few hours, I was sweating and vomiting. I couldn’t even think about eating it ever again.

Until I was taken to a place on a date and I didn’t want to be rude…so I tried it again. Whoa! I couldn’t believe how fresh and delicious everything was.” — u/Feralcrumpetart



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“I can’t stand it moist and chunky but when you slice it thin and dehydrate it with salt and grill it. Mein gott. So good.” —u/dean_c



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“Growing up I only ever had Campbells and whatever it is that public school cafeterias get. Thought I hated soup. Then I got a cold and decided I’d make some chicken noodle from scratch, that’s when everything changed.

In fact, I just made some Oxtail soup for the first time and it’s amazing!” — u/Earwigglin



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“The first time I had roasted beets, it blew my mind. I also fell in love with pickled beets shortly afterwards.” —u/coddiwomplecactus



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“My mom would have to hide eggs in my food when I was a kid so I would eat them. Then I left home and tried eggs cooked by someone else. Life-changing.

(I still love you, Mom.)” —u/persephone_24



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“Instant is garbage. Honestly most American drip coffee is as well. A good solid cappuccino in Italy showed me my misgivings.” —u/MatrixMaven

What’s a food you hated until it was properly prepared for you? Sound off in the comments!