People Are Sharing The Foods That Taste Better Burnt, And It's Really Hard To Argue With Most Of These

People Are Sharing The Foods That Taste Better Burnt, And It’s Really Hard To Argue With Most Of These

“Eating this at a BBQ unburnt is simply un-American. It’s gotta have that char.”


“Roasted or grilled ears of corn. Add lemon or lime juice, chili powder, and salt to top it off 🤤.”


“Most vegetables taste better with a nice char. I either want them raw or with some burnt bits. Think: lightly charred broccoli with lemon and garlic. I have eaten an entire sheet pan.”


“Any tacos. The best are served in tortillas that float off the burner in flames.”

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“Breakfast sausage. My wife is from a country where people don’t really eat breakfast sausage, so she boils them and then lightly browns them. Wrong!! Slam those suckers down on a hot, oiled griddle and roll them around until at least half the skin is charred.”


“Roasted or grilled asparagus. If it isn’t browned it’s not going to taste good, but with a slightly burnt exterior, asparagus tastes amazing.”


“Marshmallows for s’mores! I quite literally set mine on fire, wait a bit, and then blow it out so they get that perfectly burnt crust.”


“Corned beef hash. Oh man, crispy and crunchy corned beef hash with a runny egg on top is one of my favorite meals.”


“Baked mac and cheese. There’s no better meal than one that allows you to scrape crunchy burnt cheese off a plate.”

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“I like to make mini mac ‘n’ cheese cups in in muffin tins so that every piece is a corner piece with crispy edges.”



“Cheez-Its. I’ll never go back to buying the original now that they sell the extra toasty version.”


“Octopus. When cooked properly (aka roasted or grilled until the outside is smoky, crispy, and charred) it’s one of my favorite dishes on the planet. But there’s nothing worse than soggy, chewy octopus.”


“Bread. Burnt bread is so good it even got its own name: toast.”


“Brownies. A gently burnt brownie with a moist, fudgey interior gets me every single time.”


“A grilled cheese sandwich. Nothing like melty cheese oozing out from two slices of crispy, semi-burnt bread.”


“Pot stickers, baby. You gotta give them that good pan-seared brown crust.”


“Popcorn. It’s a controversial opinion and it must be treated delicately. My husband thinks I just don’t know how to microwave popcorn. But you have to get it juuuust right so that only some kernels are burnt. Otherwise your popcorn will just taste like smoke.”


“Brussels sprouts. Once I realized you can give them a nice char, it drastically changed my opinion of this vegetable. They magically transform from soggy baby cabbages to caramelized, crispy, glorious bites.”


“Crème brûlée. That burnt sugar topping really hits the spot.”


“Rice. There’s nothing like that portion of rice that gets slightly burnt and crispy at the bottom of the pot. It’s a delicacy.”


“Pretty much anything that has BBQ sauce on it — ribs, barbecue chicken, brisket. You need to taste a bit of that charred meat with every bite of the sweet and tangy sauce.”


“Cheese in all cooked forms. For example, the bubbly top layer of mozzarella on lasagna, the crispy Parmesan coating on roasted vegetables, or the crispy halloumi cooked on the grill.”


“Roasted carrots. The carrots that are slightly brown and charred taste way better than those that are still fully orange.”


“Hash browns or home fries. Nothing ruins breakfast like soggy hash browns, but slightly burnt and they make the whole meal complete.”


“Pizza. I live for slightly burnt pizza…especially if the burnt part is the pepperoni.”


“Hot dogs. Not eating your hot dog slightly burnt at a barbecue is quite simply un-American. It needs that char.”


“Peaches. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fresh, juicy peach. But this stone fruit is all the more delicious when it’s charred on the grill…and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for good measure.”


“The top layer and all sides of lasagna. Bubbly cheese, crispy noodles and all.”


“Salmon skin. When nice and crisp, it tastes like fishy chicharrónes.”

Is there a food I didn’t mentioned that you think tastes so much better slightly burnt? Tell me in the comments below.