People Are Sharing Their Most Staunch Food Opinions

People Are Sharing Their Most Staunch Food Opinions

“There is no such thing as a superfood. Fight me.”

You probably have some strong food opinions…maybe even some you’d be willing to get into a fight over. So Redditor u/phonemannn asked, “What food authenticity hill are you willing to die on?” Here’s what people said.


“Life is too short to not grind your own coffee beans. Homemade coffee not made from freshly ground beans is not worth drinking.”


“Cheap food almost always tastes better than expensive food. Fight me.”


“As a Middle Eastern person working at a health food store, I cry a little inside every time I see chocolate hummus, everything bagel hummus, and so on. That’s not what hummus is supposed to be.”


“Breakfast is a construct. Eggs, bacon, and French toast for dinner? That’s completely fine. Steak, potatoes, asparagus, and a dinner roll for breakfast? Equally acceptable.”


“If it doesn’t contain tamarind paste and fish sauce, it isn’t pad Thai. Don’t get me wrong, it can still be tasty…but it’s not pad Thai. There are no exceptions.”


“For the love of Zeus, Greek salad does not have a lettuce base. There is no lettuce in a proper Greek salad. What people call a ‘Greek salad’ is usually lettuce with a Greek salad garnish. And most Greek restaurants outside of Greece are happy to perpetuate the crime because lettuce is cheaper.”


“Where I live, there’s an Italian chain that claims to make ‘the world’s first meat cannoli.’ It’s a stromboli. This ‘invention’ is literally called a stromboli everywhere else. A cannoli has a hard shell (not soft dough), and it’s filled with sweet ricotta cheese. You can’t just call something the wrong name and then claim to have invented something new.”


“A croissant isn’t just any bread-like dough rolled into a crescent shape. A croissant must have lamination, and I stand by that.”


“A caipirinha without cachaça and lime is not caipirinha, it’s merely a caipifruta, caipisake, or caipivodka…whatever else you want to call it.”


“Look, eat your steak however you like, but just don’t try to claim that a well-done steak has the same amount of flavor and juiciness as medium-rare or medium. That’s just not correct.”


“Chicken thighs are the most superior chicken part. Absolutely, definitively, no question.”


“Kraft Singles are delicious. They are the absolute best cheese for melting on burgers. They are also ideal for cold-cut sandwiches, too. It’s creamier and tastier than other cheeses.”


“There is not really any such thing as a ‘superfood.’ There’s a great variety of foods that have all kinds of different nutrients, and it’s not just chia, kale, quinoa, and other ‘trendy’ foods. If you like that stuff, eat it. But know that you can get the same nutrition from similar food. Think: blueberries instead of açai. I much prefer blueberries to açai.”


“I love garlic as much as the next person, but people who use way too much of it are just trying to cover up the fact that they don’t know how to cook.”


“There is no use for nonstick cookware. You can’t sear anything or nicely brown food in a non-stick skillet. I’d rather my eggs or pancakes stick a little bit rather than buy a non-stick pan and ruin everything else I make.”


“Lettuce is completely overused, especially when it comes to garnishing sandwiches and wraps. Leave me to my deli meats.”


“Fake meat and trendy meat substitute products are gross and unnecessary. There’s an infinite number of completely vegetarian dishes that don’t rely on fake meat and taste amazing.”


“Despite popular opinions, there actually is such a thing as too much garlic. Too much and it overpowers the other flavors…and leads to an upset tummy.”


“Carnitas does not mean ‘pulled pork,’ even if it’s been crisped in the oven. If it’s not cooked in its own rendered fat, then it’s not carnitas.”


“Rice needs to be cooked properly in order to say it belongs to a certain cuisine. You can’t just throw rice into a rice cooker and call it sushi rice. Sushi rice must be seasoned, Persian rice must be parboiled and then steamed, and so on. And, of course, you have to use the correct rice variety. It always seems to me that people think you can skimp on the rice preparation when cooking meals from different cuisines where rice is so central.”


“Chicken wings have bones, and any boneless ‘wing’ is merely a saucy chicken nugget.”


“A burger refers to the ground meat patty, not the bun. A piece of fried chicken on a bun is a chicken sandwich, not a chicken burger.”


“Chili is absolutely not chili unless it contains some kind of chile pepper.”


“Aioli is not just ingredients mixed with mayonnaise. Aioli is made of garlic, salt, olive oil, and often egg yolk.


“It’s not Thai curry unless it contains coconut milk. Sorry, but your whole milk, almond milk, and soy milk won’t do. Stick to the coconut milk if you want to call it authentic.”


“It’s not carbonara if it has cream in it. It gets its rich flavor from egg yolks and hard cheese. There is no cream in this Italian dish.”


“Charcuterie means cured meat…not whatever the heck you want to put on your Ikea wooden platter.”


“Carrot cake is not real carrot cake without cream cheese frosting. If it’s made with buttercream or any other frosting, it ain’t carrot cake.”

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“Caesar salad without anchovies is absolutely not real caesar salad.”

So what’s the food hill you’re willing to die on? Tell us in the comments below.