People Are Sharing Unpopular Food And Cooking Opinions

People Are Sharing Unpopular Food And Cooking Opinions

There’s a reason why they make chocolate and vanilla. People have wildly different preferences when it comes to food, of course. But every now and then you hear an unpopular culinary opinion that truly shocks you. So Redditor u/xSurpriseShawtyx asked, “What’s your controversial food opinion?” Here’s what people said.


“Hot sauce doesn’t add flavor… it adds heat, which makes good food taste like nothing but the spicy hot sauce. No hot sauce for me, please.”


“Scrambled eggs are best when they’re overcooked. I like them firm, toothsome, and a little bit browned. Many celebrity chefs’ scrambled egg recipes that I see show the eggs being ‘done’ when they’re still wildly undercooked — loose, glossy, gloopy-looking. Yuck. Give me my burnt eggs.”


“The cookie part of the Oreo is way better than the filling.”


“Chocolate pieces in ice cream taste like nothing and feel like wax in your mouth.”


“I resent food. I honesty don’t like eating every day. I’d switch to photosynthesis if humanly possible.”


“I love to eat lemons the way that most people eat oranges. People act like it’s crazy, but it’s normal to eat citrus and normal to enjoy sour candy…so why is it abnormal to eat a sour citrus?”


“Cheese belongs on pretty much everything, including seafood. Whoever said not to mix seafood and cheese has clearly never tried Parmesan-crusted scallops, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, or shrimp Parmesan, just for starters. Totally delightful.”


“It’s a travesty that vanilla is a word used to describe bland or unexciting things. The real thing has such a unique flavor, not to mention it’s actually very expensive, up there with saffron.”


“We put way too much pressure on cauliflower to be things that aren’t cauliflower.”


“Pickles are disgusting. I hate when restaurants sneak them into a plate so my sandwich or fries are suddenly sitting in salty, green sludge. For the love of God, hold the damn pickles.”


“Plain Greek yogurt can replace sour cream in literally any recipe and taste indistinguishable or better.”


“Avocados are overrated. I hate the texture and taste of them. They’re like grass-flavored Play-Doh.”


“Let’s call it what it is. Meal prepping is just a nicer way of saying you’re eating leftovers all week.”


“The McRib really should stop coming back.”


“Crab is better than lobster. Lobster has always tasted like a less delicious crab dish to me no matter how expensive, fresh or well prepared it is.”


“Sandwiches over-stuffed with meat are usually very low quality and screw up the whole bread to meat to vegetables ratio that makes a sandwich enjoyable in the first place.”


“Leftover pizza reheated in the microwave is even better than fresh pizza. Frozen, delivery, homemade pizza… it doesn’t matter. Microwaved pizza gets soggy and floppy, just the way I like it.”


“I always use boxed cake mix. It’s convenient and always comes out good. You don’t have to worry about precise measurements of all those dry ingredients. Plus, with the time saved by using a boxed mix, you can make your own frosting (since that stuff tastes so much better than the canned junk).”


“It is completely justifiable to break up with someone who is an excessively picky eater.”


“The shape of the pasta influences the taste of the sauce and that’s just a fact.”


“That hard part of lettuce is disgusting. I will sit and deconstruct a salad to get all the hard middle pieces out. I hate the texture.”


“Girl scout cookies are overrated. In fact, they used to be much better…especially the Trefoils.”


“Ice cream belongs in a brioche bun, not a cone. It is so much better. This combination is popular in Sicily where I grew up, but my American friends think I’m out of my mind when I I explain this to them.”


“Thousand island dressing is literally just fancy ketchup that’s OK to put on salads.”


“MSG is awesome. I put it in a salt shaker mixed 50/50 with table salt, and use it in everything that calls for salt. Pure umami is a game changing ingredient.”


“I completely admit that Kraft singles are processed garbage and not ‘real’ cheese, but there are few things that compare to this fake stuff on a grilled cheese, deli sandwich, or cheeseburger.”


“I prefer eating French fries without any condiments whatsoever.”


“Too much cheese in a dish really, actually is a thing.”

What’s your polarizing food opinion that others would probably disagree with? Tell us in the comments.