People Sharing Controversial Culinary Opinions

People Sharing Controversial Culinary Opinions

We all have our preferences. Just take a walk down the aisles in your local grocery store: You’ll see endless variations, flavors, and brands of just about every product.


“I love to eat lemons the way that most people eat oranges. People act like it’s crazy, but it’s normal to eat citrus and normal to enjoy sour candy…so why is it abnormal to eat a sour citrus?”


“There’s no such thing as a ‘special occasion’ food. For example, cakes are often associated with parties. But I’m a grown man and if I want cake because it’s Wednesday I’m going to go get myself a Wednesday cake.”


“I don’t enjoy eating three times each day. It feels like a chore.”


“People get so offended when someone makes any minor variation to a traditional Italian dish, but bacon is good in carbonara and I don’t care what anyone says.”


“Vanilla is the best flavor of ice cream.”


“Runny eggs are gross. Your favorite ‘perfect scrambled eggs’ look like vomit.”


“Avocados are overrated. I hate the texture and taste of them. They’e like grass flavored Play Doh.”


“Cottage cheese is absolutely delicious and if you say you don’t like it, you’re probably just judging based on appearances.”


“Bananas do NOT belong in fruit salad! The texture does not match the rest of the fruit, and the mush ruins it.”


“Roasted marshmallows are only worth eating if they have been fully caught on fire first. Burnt marshmallows hit different.”


“Cream cheese in sushi is absolutely gross.”


“Truffles are overrated. They are used on food just to make it buzzy but generally have no place there to begin with.”


“There is a point when too much cheese on or in food becomes no longer enjoyable. I said what I said.”


“Red velvet baked goods are bullshit.”


“Rice does not belong inside a burrito. Get the carbs from the tortilla and any veggies. Rice is just filler that makes a burrito seem fuller than it really is. Also, corn tortillas are superior for tacos.”


“Bacon is fine, but it’s vastly over-appreciated. It’s just salted meat. Chill out everyone.”


“With zero exceptions, cereal tastes better dry. I will always hold the milk.”


“I love beets because they taste like how dirt smells.”


“Cupcakes with super thick and ornate frosting are fun to look at…but they’re rarely tasty.”


“I hate cold pizza. When it’s cold, you lose the flavor profile of the sauce and cheese. I need my pizza piping hot.”


“Sushi rolls shouldn’t be so big that you have to take more than one bite.”


“Unless it is a very good steak, burgers are usually better.”


“Why are french fries not suitable for breakfast but tater tots are? I should be able to eat whatever I want for breakfast even if it’s not typically a ‘breakfast food’.”


“Chicago-style deep dish ‘pizza’ isn’t pizza. It’s pizza casserole.”


“Sticking to the traditional authentic versions of foods is not necessarily better. It’s OK to be creative in cooking and mix together elements from different cuisines.”


“Tinned fish is awesome. Not just sardines and anchovies, but you can get all kinds of seafood in cans (like clams and even squid). With many kinds of tinned fish, the processing is so minimal the fish is just cooked in the can after sealing.”


“Boxed cake and boxed brownie mixes are better than from scratch options 99% of the time. The average baker cannot compete with the food science processes and economy of scale that Betty Crocker has at her disposal.”


“I’ve totally stopped conforming to meal norms and I’m better for it. I ate breakfast three times today. I might eat three dinners tomorrow. I buy my food, and I’ll eat it when I damn well please.”


“Most people worry about ‘authenticity’ and adherence to culinary traditions way too much. Most ‘authentic’ dishes are less than 200 years old, and even if they existed before then in name, the modern version would be drastically different. Change and trying new things and new combinations is good.”


“The cookie part of the Oreo is better than the stuffing part.”


“Burgers that are so tall you can’t even take a bite out of them are the worst and shouldn’t exist.”


“Fries taste superior when dipped in mayonnaise rather than ketchup.”

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