Potato Chip Mashed Potatoes Aka Cheaters Mashed Potatoes

Potato Chip Mashed Potatoes Aka Cheaters Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving is very easily the best food stuff holiday of the yr, and I problem you to disagree. Even without the need of the turkey, the side dishes and desserts by itself are able to represent for the most effective meal of the year.

But everyone who has cooked a complete Thanksgiving feast definitely is aware that it is a tiring, hard, and usually nerve-racking affair. So of training course, it is only all-natural that we’re often hunting for Turkey Day cooking hacks and time-saving methods to make the procedure just a small bit less complicated.

Which delivers me to this seemingly incredulous Thanksgiving cheat recipe: Mashed potatoes manufactured from a bag of potato chips. I 1st saw this “recipe” trending on TikTok, and I was simply surprised.

According to the video clips on TikTok, YouTube, and the relaxation of the Internet (there’s even a recipe from Lays) all you seriously need to have to make these cheater’s mashed potatoes are a bag of potato chips, boiling h2o, and some kind of fatty component like milk, product, bitter cream, or butter.

I preferred to consider this trick with two varieties of potato chips to see which would yield the far better outcome. So I opted for an primary bag of sea salt potato chips and just one wildcard: Krinkle cut bitter product and onion chips.

I started off with the primary potato chips initial. The instructions, in accordance to the dozens of movies I watched on TikTok, are supposed to be quite foolproof. Bring a cup of h2o to a boil, then lower it to a simmer and add potato chips. I utilised about 3/4 of the bag.

I mashed the potatoes with a wood spoon till they were being comfortable and the drinking water experienced just about evaporated. Then I added a quarter cup of product and a sprinkle of onion salt mainly because why not??

I ongoing to stir and smush the potato chips till the potato chip texture was long gone and they started off to resemble mashed potatoes. Then I poured them into a bowl and topped them with eco-friendly onions simply because that is what I had in my fridge. Chives would also be a welcome addition below.

The visual appeal reminded me of congee or grits. It was looser than mashed potatoes and not as thick and creamy (next time, I would start with a compact amount of cream or milk and add a lot more). Even with my greatest initiatives, some potato chip remnants undoubtedly remained. But the taste…wasn’t terrible! It actually did taste like mashed potatoes, albeit texturally complicated types. You will find no doubt these flavor like a gloriously reduced-brow recipe that you form of want to retain taking in.

Next, I resolved to try out the bitter product and onion chips. I assumed the krinkle cut chips could insert an interesting texture (like mashed potatoes produced with unpeeled potatoes, perhaps?). Instead of boiling the chips in water, I opted for chicken broth simply because it normally makes everything tastier.

I adopted the same technique, except this time I utilized cream and butter due to the fact unwanted fat = flavor, right? I also used somewhat a lot less product than the first time close to so that the ultimate texture would ideally be thicker.

As I experienced hoped, this variation was thicker, creamier, and generally extra similar to mashed potatoes in conditions of the texture. And as the taste, it was disturbingly superior. I didn’t want to get pleasure from this, but I could not actually cease tasting them in the exact way that you won’t be able to seriously halt ingesting an open up bag of chips. I truly hate to admit that trustworthy to God, I favored the flavor.

So if you are wanting to know if you should conserve revenue, effort, and time and make your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes out of potato chips, I would… likely advise in opposition to it! 🙃 Fast mashed potatoes exist for this very explanation. However, you may possibly want to consider earning these at some stage just for the shock worth. And if you find by yourself scrambling final moment on Thanksgiving day with minimal extra than a bag of chips and some milk in your kitchen area, possibly (??) give these a check out.

My winning combination was krinkle slash bitter product and onion chips, rooster inventory, product, butter, and green onion, but you could certainly get imaginative with your taste combos: Jalapeño chips with sharp cheddar cheese, barbecue chips with bacon and chives, sweet potato chips, butter, and maple syrup…the choices are limitless, and any potato chips will do.

And with that, joyful Thanksgiving, folks!

Have you tried using making these potato chip mashed potatoes? Or do you have one more Thanksgiving cooking hack which is really worth trying? Convey to us in the comments.