Ranking The Best Ranch

Ranking The Best Ranch

If someone asks me what my love language is, I’m definitely saying ranch.

I legit had a meltdown when I saw my birth certificate and it said I was born in Los Angeles and not Hidden Valley, CA. If there’s ever a national ranch shortage, please check on me because I’m probably CRYING.

It’s safe to say, I’m a ranch expert. Let’s find out if you feel the same!



Yellowstone / Via giphy.com

Nuggets. Chick-N-Strips. Sandwiches. What could go wrong? Their ranch is the most disappointing out of the bunch. It’s like someone fell asleep halfway through making the recipe and quit! You should definitely opt for the Chick-fil-A Sauce instead. 



SNL / Via giphy.com

Wendy’s ranch definitely works for their fries and nuggets but it’s not at the top of my list. It doesn’t excite my taste buds, but you might like this ranch if you aren’t picky. 



Yellowstone / Via giphy.com

My boomer grandma loves this ranch, but I understand she’s from a very different generation, and hasn’t truly experienced good ranch. Unfortunately, it’s just not up to par with the rest of the list. 



Rhett & Link

Another ranch my grandma loves, but I will side with her on this one. I have a love/hate relationship with this ranch. It works well for their chicken tenders and nothing else. It’s more of a salad-type ranch dressing than dipping dressing. 


California Pizza Kitchen


Their barbeque ranch chicken salad changed my life. Their ranch is also a strictly salad-type dressing. It can be dipped in the pizza, but it’s better to opt for some Hidden Valley instead if paired with their pizza. (Menu hack: Ask for ranch with their Italian Chopped Salad instead of their vinaigrette…it’s sooo good!)


The Cheesecake Factory

60 Second Docs / Via giphy.com

Included in my weekly rotation of lunches is usually a sandwich and fries from The Cheesecake Factory. Their ranch pairs amazing with the fries and burgers, and feels classy since their ranch is poured in a fancy dipping dish. It’s creamy and it’s how ranch should taste like — other restaurants should take note!



Adult Swim / Via giphy.com

McDonald’s ranch was my comfort condiment through my youth. I’d almost jump through the drive-thru window because they’d never give me enough ranch! But seriously, why does McDonald’s hoard their sauces?! 


Jack in the Box

Top Talent / Via giphy.com

If I’m stranded on an island and could only pick one ranch from a fast food joint – I’m picking the buttermilk ranch from Jack in the Box! My friend in college told me to pour it over my sandwich and I’ve never looked back since.



DoorDash / Via giphy.com

I will gladly suffer from heartburn if it means pouring ranch over my Wingstop wings. I legit have chills just thinking about it. I hope they have this ranch in heaven. 


Domino’s Pizza

Identity / Via giphy.com

I’ve never actually seen the pizza from Domino’s because I drench it in two pounds of their ranch (and garlic sauce). Can someone let me know what their pizza tastes like?


Red Robin

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Via giphy.com

If I had a Youtube channel, I’d review Red Robin’s ranch and deem it as one of my holy grail products. My mom can’t eat at Red Robin’s without looking at me in disgust, nor can I go on a date here because I will steal my date’s ranch — even if I haven’t finished mine. 


Buffalo Wild Wings

Laff / Via giphy.com

Their ranch makes me go FERAL. The holy grail of the holy grails. I once ordered so much ranch from Buffalo Wild Wings that they charged me! I didn’t even know you could get charged for condiments. Hands down the best ranch on the planet!  #BWWR4L (Buffalo Wild Wings Ranch 4 Life)

Now I need some ranch. What’s your favorite ranch? Let us know in the comments below!