Stoners, What Have Your Food Cravings Been?

Stoners, What Have Your Food Cravings Been?

It is no key that acquiring superior can spark your inner chef.

Your interior chef could not whip up nearly anything Michelin-deserving, but the likelihood are, you are going to build a combo that just isn’t on any menu.

So I want to know…what have your large cravings been?

Maybe you needed sweet and savory and your alternative was to drizzle caramel sauce on a plate of leftover spaghetti.

It’s possible you did one thing astonishing to a snack you adore like freezing grapes, including chocolate milk to your cereal, or producing nachos with incredibly hot Cheetos rather of tortilla chips.

Possibly you were limited by what was in your pantry and which is when you invented scrambled eggs on brownies.

Or probably you experienced a thing entirely typical that turned into the complete finest factor in the planet beneath the influence.