Things All Aussie Parents Have In Their Pantry

Things All Aussie Parents Have In Their Pantry

Does anyone in this country have a tomato sauce bottle that ISN’T clogged?


A half-used jar of curry paste in the back of the fridge.

It’s all crusty around the jar top too and probably hasn’t been opened in a year. 


A jar of Milo that’s somehow compacted and is hard as a rock.

Matthew Paul Argall / Via Flickr: 155643540@N07

You gotta hack it up with a knife, or just shove it to the back of the cupboard and open a new tin. 


Some kind of Arnott’s biscuit, but more likely just a sad leftover collection of Kingstons because no one wanted to eat them from the assorted pack.


A jar of Moccona instant coffee for when grandma comes over.

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It’s better than International Roast, but not so fancy it requires any effort. 


A jar of Vegemite that has maybe half a serving left in it.

Again, shove it to the back of the pantry and find the new jar. 


A block of Cadbury chocolate.

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Some of us are Top Deck households, some favour Marvellous Creations – even plain Dairy Milk is valid. As long as it’s not Old Gold. 


And a blue ice cream tub in the freezer.

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Again, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Blue Ribbon vanilla or Peter’s Neapolitan – there’s ice cream in the freezer and the tub is blue. 


Tomato sauce with a partially clogged nozzle so the sauce squirts out at weird angles.

Will you do something about it? Nah, probs not. 


A giant can of tuna from when it was on special at Coles because your mum thought she’d make tuna mornay or something, but then forgot about it.

Too big to be used for snacks, so it’ll sit there until the next casserole night. 


Birthday candles that are half-burnt, but could totally be reused one day.

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They’re probably rolling around the back of the same drawer that holds the baking paper and random rubber bands stash. 


Some kind of packet pasta for emergencies.


A bag of frozen veggies that’s been there since you were in primary school.

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There is no amount of soy sauce or fried rice that could make them taste good. 


A half-drunk bottle of Bundaberg Rum. Even if they don’t drink it for fun, it’s used in tea for sore throats.

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Mix it with some honey and hot lemon, the perfect cure. 


A packet of Cup A Soup.

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Every household has their own fave, but we all love a good Continental sachet soup. 


A box of Weet-Bix.

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Unless you moved in last week, I honestly don’t think there’s a house in Australia without even a small box of Weet-Bix. 


A packet of Red Rock Deli chips, Twisties, Burger Rings, or Smith’s — depending on what was on sale that week.

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Can’t go past a half-price packet of chippies, even if you already have three at home. 


A can of beetroot.

It was probably meant to be used in a recipe or some kinda Christmas salad, but got pushed to the back and forgotten about. 


A bottle of Vanilla Essence.

Probably purchased in 2003 when you had to make cupcakes for the school bake stall.


And finally, a random assortment of spices that have been used once or twice.

Bought for an experimental recipe 10 years ago, only to never be touched again.