This Eye-Popping Crypto-Themed House Is For Sale

This Eye-Popping Crypto-Themed Home Is For Sale

Her very first foray into the rental current market was advertising and marketing her landlord’s assets on Airbnb, She resolved to make the rental cannabis-themed, decorating it with ganja leaves and giving visitors a cost-free joint on arrival. 

But, she said, “it was type of a small rowdy.” Out-of-town people had been acquiring robbed in the neighborhood, and there had been events with strippers that disturbed the locals. Ultimately, she resolved to shut it down.  

Levy bought into crypto in 2017, following a teenage acquaintance recommended her to buy bitcoin. “I’m like, ‘You’re 17.’ Like what the hell, you know? And he’s like, ‘Download Coinbase! Invest in bitcoin!’” She utilized her crypto earnings to obtain the North Hollywood property, which when looked like a usual family residence, and give it a crypto-themed makeover.

“I preferred it to be extravagant and a little little bit tacky, but in a very good way,” she reported. “You know, like, crypto overload.” The neighbors, she added, had been not delighted by the inflow of hard-partying crypto bros, one more motive she eventually determined to offer the position. (She explained that the city council contacted her about the problems.) 

As for her subsequent undertaking? It’s a muffin-delivery business identified as Buffinz, which she’s comfortable-released. The marketing stage is that the pastries are sent by hunky men in branded sleeveless tops. 

“You know, a Mother’s Day delivery of bouquets is neat,” she explained, “but think about a hot guy bringing you a muffin. That would be enjoyment!”