This Woman Says Her Doctor Dismissed Her Cancer Because Of Her Weight, And She's Calling Out Body-Shaming In Medicine

This Woman States Her Physician Dismissed Her Cancer Mainly because Of Her Pounds, And She’s Calling Out Overall body-Shaming In Medication

Immediately after leaving the appointment, Amanda mentioned, “I sat in my automobile for 30 minutes and I cried,” right before contacting her finest pal, who advised her to return to the business and speak to the business manager to type a criticism, which she did.

Amanda claimed, “I understood that it was incorrect, deep down inside me. There are only so a lot of moments that a physician can tell you that it’s your fault that you are unwell, it’s your fault that you are fat, or that you are useless for getting fats. There’s only so a lot of situations that you can hear that.” She recounts, “I asked for the medical doctor, he owes me an apology.”