28 People Won A Year's Supply Of Stuff, Share Experience

28 Individuals Received A Year’s Source Of Things, Share Expertise


“Prolonged ago when I went to Common in 2001, my cousins and I bought to participate in Nickelodeon’s Slime Time Stay exhibit. We were offered quantities when we entered the recording area shindig. My eldest cousin obtained identified as up to pie himself with a person of a few pies. On the base of the pies have been figures corresponding to the ones handed to little ones in the viewers. My amount (10) was beneath the middle pie, which my cousin smothered his confront with. Consequently, I received a year supply of Air Heads!”

“I received a year’s offer of Air Heads: 12 containers, every single containing 72 Air Heads. I gave 6 containers absent to a charity that will help the homeless, gave some to my cousins, and finished up holding 3 bins for myself. Took me far more than a 12 months to end these 3 with out seeking to vomit the next I opened one particular.”