7 Best Veggie Burgers From Fast Food Chains, Ranked

7 Greatest Veggie Burgers From Rapid Food items Chains, Ranked

General score: 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 (6 out of 10 burgers)

In general, I think we are all happy that people who are ~eatin’ superior in the community~ can also purchase a veggie burger if they’d like:

“I wouldn’t be mad if I got this at a restaurant. It is extremely filling, but it is really just a little bit uninteresting. I imagine that could be solved with some mayo, mustard, and ketchup.”

“It is really offering me ‘real food’ vibes, so if you’re into a home made taste, this is for you. Won’t taste bogus or chemically.”

“I would certainly eat this 1 once more! I am not a meat lover, but this just one felt so gentle and fantastic. The patty was the winner of the match!”

“A definitely strong sauce would have completely elevated this burger. On hearing the selling price, I considered it was a little bit absurd.”

“It appears to be like rather, and I like that there had been veggies in it. If this experienced a sauce or a lot more seasoning, I’d be BLOWN Absent! Alternatively, I am satisfied to try to eat it. Also, this patty looked genuinely uniform. This was a person of the only patties that seemed like meat, uniform, and seemed awesome soon after biting into it. I like the cheese on this.”