These Are The 19 Best Dipping Sauces, Period

These Are The 19 Best Dipping Sauces, Period

What are chicken nuggets, without sauce?

When it comes to fast food, the dipping sauces are truly what make the quickly made entrées tastier. A nugget, a chicken tender, or a pizza slice tastes good solo, but it is even more delectable when drenched in a condiment.

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These 19 dipping sauces from these 19 fast-food restaurants are the best side sauces that each fast food chain has to offer.


McDonald’s – Tangy BBQ Sauce


You can never go wrong with McDonald’s tangy BBQ sauce. In actuality, the only proper way to eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets, if you still consume them, is to eat them after you’ve dipped them in their house BBQ sauce. 


Chick-fil-A – Polynesian Sauce

It’s hard to pinpoint the best dipping sauce at Chick-fil-A because the fast-food chain has so many sauce choices that vary in flavor. Of all the tasty sauce options at Chick-fil-A, Polynesian wins the number one spot for being the optimal choice. 


Jack in the Box – Buttermilk House Ranch

Ranch makes the world go ’round, and Jack in the Box’s house buttermilk ranch is literally one step behind Wingstop’s ranch—the best ranch in America. It might be the world, but that could be a stretch, so we’ll just say America for now.


Raising Cane’s – Cane’s Sauce


Raising Cane’s entire menu is only edible when it’s covered in their signature Cane sauce. Grant it the only dipping sauce Raising Cane offers besides ketchup is the Cane sauce, the main reason Raising Cane’s is so successful is because of their complimentary sauce—which I will admit is one of the better dipping sauces out of all the sauces offered at other fast-food restaurants. 


Taco Bell – Mild Taco Sauce


Taco Bell’s mild taco sauce is the best taco sauce at the restaurant. The mild taco sauce packs just enough spice to add an extra layer of tastiness to any main course meal on the Taco Bell menu without overpowering it.  For those who wanna get technical, Taco Bell’s taco sauce isn’t necessarily a dipping sauce, however it can be used as such when it comes to burritos, tacos and quesadillas. 


Wendy’s – Creamy Sriracha

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If we were talking about the old-school Wendy’s, back when they still had yellow packaging, then I would say their BBQ sauce is their best dipping sauce. But since we’re in 2022, and sadly they don’t produce that BBQ sauce flavor anymore, their new A1 dipping sauce is their creamy Sriracha.


Chipotle – Queso


Yes, technically queso isn’t a traditional “dipping sauce,” but it is a dip that is offered at many Latin-inspired restaurants. When it comes to the fast-food Latin restaurant Chipotle, their queso takes the cake for being their best dip for your chip—and burrito. 


Burger King – Buffalo Sauce


Carls Jr. – Sweet & Bold BBQ Sauce

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Carl’s Jr. has few dipping sauce options, but that’s just OK since their sweet & bold BBQ suffices for all of your dipping needs.


Popeyes – Blackened Ranch Sauce

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Popeyes blackened ranch is like a soulful version of ranch. It’s the only sauce to pick when you want your Popeyes chicken to have more pizzazz. 


Pizza Hut – Marinara Sauce

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Most people, like myself, like to zhoosh up our pizza crust before we finish it. Pizza Hut’s marinara sauce is the only sauce at Pizza Hut worthy enough for your hard pizza crust. 


Wetzel’s Pretzels – Jalapeño Cheese Sauce

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There’s something about dipping your Wetzel’s Pretzel in condiments that makes the pretzel significantly tastier. Out of all the Wetzel’s Pretzels dipping sauces, their jalapeño cheese sauce is the most magnificent. 


Papa John’s – Special Garlic Sauce


Want to spruce up your Papa John’s pizza and pizza crust? The only way to do so is by using their Special Garlic Sauce. That’s it—that’s the only sauce that they make that has that zhooshing ability. 


Wingstop – Ranch

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The best dipping sauce to drench your Wingstop wing in is their house-made ranch. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. 


Whataburger – Spicy Ketchup


I personally haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying Whataburger’s delicious spicy ketchup, but those who have swear by it. This leads me to believe that spicy ketchup is Whataburger’s most prestigious dipping sauce. 


A&W – Buffalo Sauce

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When I was in college and ate at the campus’s A&W, the only dipping sauce I ever used for my chicken tenders or chicken sandwich was their buffalo sauce. That’s because out of the few sauces they had, that was only one that hit every time.


Buffalo Wild Wings – Southwestern Ranch

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You’ll never go wrong with ranch, and dipping your BWW wing in their Southwestern ranch will change your life. Trust me, their Southwestern ranch is the only way to dip at Buffalo Wild Wings.


Panda Express – Teriyaki Sauce

Panda Express’s teriyaki sauce is better for your egg roll, and chow mein, than their other sauces are. 


Domino’s Pizza – Garlic Sauce

Domino’s garlic sauce is the only viable pizza dipping sauce for their restaurant. 

Are there any sauces you think should have made this list? Let me know below in the comments!