Burger King Vs. McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Taste Test

Burger King Vs. McDonald’s Hen Nuggets Taste Test

In this article are our Price ratings:

CHRIS: Burger King winning in value by four cents is a slender but potentially major victory mainly because if we are going to push to unique pumps to help save a number of cents on gas, why wouldn’t we decide on our rooster nuggets the exact same way? I’m not certain that analogy checks out, but my point is that Burger King gets a larger rating for their a little more cost-effective offerings. That stated, chicken nuggets are not very huge and I recall periods when Every single of these sites provided 10 nuggets for $1, so nostalgia won’t make it possible for me to stand and applaud these inflated rates.

MCDONALD’S Benefit: 3.5/5

BURGER KING’S Worth: 4/5

KRISTA: As Chris said, four cents is not super major but it is really four cents For every NUGGET which usually means a 16-nugget meal is 64 cents less expensive at BK. So, as the frugal-est one particular of them all, I Experience like BK wins… BUT, On the other hand, I am now battling with the load of realizing I have to get SIXTEEN NUGGETS at BK when I truly only want 10 (we are likely off what BK in LA made available and they did not give a 10-piece close to us) — and I may well pay a little extra just so I really don’t eat 6 further nuggets I truly really don’t want and end up sick like I did years again hahaha! I realize I am way far too into this assessment but the truth that I cannot get a 10-piece at BK messes with my head. So, they are each equivalent on this 1.

MCDONALD’S Price: 3.5/5

BURGER KING’S Value: 3.5/5