Dolly Parton's Perfect Response To A CBD Gummy Scam

Dolly Parton’s Excellent Response To A CBD Gummy Rip-off

Dolly Parton is regarded for the enormous amounts of drama, scandals, and vicious clap backs that eat her daily lifetime.

I am naturally kidding! She is one particular of the most beloved celebs of all time, like we’re speaking Betty White/Tom Hanks/Keanu Reeves ranges of likability!

For case in point, I did a poll and 85% of people explained they are admirers.

AND I’d Seriously LIKE TO Communicate TO THESE 15%ERS.

And ya know what? These scammers had the AUDACITY to use Dolly’s name.

It seemingly bought so terrible that Dolly had to launch a statement denouncing the keto CBD gummies.

As somebody who just logged into Instagram, I considered her assertion was bogus (lol).

“She’s much more the cake, cookie, and cornbread kind” is appropriate.

Now consider this person’s tips and please release the cornbread recipe up coming.